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Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas: on other side of parking lot

Ruby was not able to make it today and Kai needed to meet us at our spot.
We circled up and started at a beautiful spot near the other Lake.  Linda set up a very inviting circle. I went to go to the bathroom but when I got back, “WHERE WERE THEY?????”  I could not find Linda, Kuba and Eli anywhere!  I thought at first they were hiding but it was TOOOO quiet for that.  I looked here, I looked there and none of them to be found without a peep.  Did a Helicopter come and take them all away I wondered????  I began to walk and call out for them as I walked closer to the damn. But who should I then see but Kai and his Mom walking up to me. There the three of us greeted one another and chatted for a bit.
Kai and I finally went to go find the others.  I called out and I heard a bird sound ( Linda). When I walked down near the water I was greeted with a Shush!  They had been there for along time watching the Great Blue Heron.  They then got excited about moving closer to the bird. We were then blessed with seeing it’s LARGE wings open up fully and glide along the waters surface to a farther away place.  Such beauty!!!!
They then walked up towards Kai and I. Kai was not really with us yet and found a stick and just stayed still.  Kuba REALLY wanted to run and go on an adventure.  Isabella was, again, in great, happy and joyful spirits and up for just about anything.  Eli, fell and we all gathered around him as he cried big, big tears with the great desire to see Mom.  We all just loved him and after a time, his tears went away and he was happy to begin playing with the children again.   This seemed to give Kai the time he needed to come into the group and from there we walked and came across some interesting dam water wheels. The children liked playing on these. And then we went to find some Madrone berries to pick.
When we got to the trees they all picked the berries from the trees. Then Isabella found these Culvert plastic rounds that we could sit in. Kai liked pretending that he had a knife to cut them.  Isabella and Kuba were talking about Monsters and Eli got very frightened and wanted to go home. I said they were just pretend and he so very,very sweetly asked Isabella if they were indeed pretend. She quite kindly said “yes.”  He felt much better after that.
We had a great game of Bandaid Tag that turned into Little Tommy Tittle Mouse and then we all went to lunch in a beautiful spot under the madrone and Maple trees.  We told stories at lunch time and listened to each one of them share a song that they loved.
After lunch I had them bury me under the beautiful leaves like a little animal trying to get warm for the winter.  Then Linda and they went to stand back and see that I really looked just like a pile of leaves. This is how the animals get camoflauged!!!  Then Kuba, Eli and Linda played the game too and got buried underneath the leaves and felt the warmth and smelt the great smells under there. This is a very old native game and at any primitive skills class you will wind up doing this.  One gains so many many skills from this seemingly innocent game.
What I am so impressed by with your children is how open they are to playing these games and how alert they are to it all.  At circle time we learned new songs and wound up sitting ever so still listening and watching the many birds around us. So beautifuL!!!
When it was time to go they figured out which way to go back and they all agreed on which direction we should go. There was a cross roads point that they had to decide which way to go.
I brought out some of the rest of the Paleo “cookies” from snack. They ate one and then played with running all over the logs and being different animals. And oh yes, earlier I played my flute to whatever they wanted the sounds to be; elephant, tree, humingbird…..
This was yet another glorious day with more and more unity and cohesion. The days just get richer and richer.

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

There was a suspect for rain to fall upon our heads so I thought going here with the little shelter to nestle into if needed was a good idea. But alas, no rains came, at all!!!
However what did come was Isabella right back from her grand trip from Germany!  She was alive and bright as ever and more talkative then she has been to date.
The day was just simply sweet, and explorative.  Each time we get together more and more cohesion takes place.  As I said, Isabella was fully engaged and talking with us all throughout the day.  Eli happy and playing with all.  Kai settled and united with the group and Ruby, actually though she was very, very alive, alert, participatory and all, she was a bit more quiet and spent a lot of time quietly with Linda today by the waters edge.   At circle they are all singing and joining in.  Often that does not happen with three year olds for quite some time but here they were having such a good time!!!
We spent a lot of time down by the creek looking for rocks that we could paint with, finding glorious leaves and different bugs. We found a great Banana Slug that we watched eat a bit of a little Catkin but then it seemed to not like it so much so it moved on.  They learned to get their hands muddy before picking up a Banana Slug, for the benefit of the Slug.
We played our great Hide and Go Seek Games and fed A LOT of Yellow Jackets. At lunch one came by, so we put some of Kuba’s meet out for it. Then another, then another, then another….. when it was time to clean up we left the meat out. When we came back at the end of the day to get our belongings, THEY WERE STILL THERE!!!! At least 8 or more.
My favorite part of the day was when I had them line up like a caterpillar. They put their hands on each others shoulders, closed their eyes and then, with Linda at the tail and me at the front, I led them on a little blind walk.  They did GREAT! and had a good time with it. I led them to one last place to play and explore and that is what we did.

Waxing Half Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Isabella  was on holiday with Mom and Dad this day.  The rest of us had a very lovely and peaceful day.
We needed to go to a different spot at Lake Lagunitas due to a large group being where we have typically gone. Eli wanted to go where we had gone on the first day so, we did.  We had our circle there and the same story as last week. They really like this one and the playing of the Turtle shell.  After circle the first thing that came out of  Eli’s mouth was”it’s time to play Hide and Go Seek!!!!!” Well, of course, WE DID!!!  I had to go to the bathroom after a bit so I left and Linda carried on. When I got back they all hid from me and I said,  “Oh dear, Oh dear, where are all my wonderful Tender Tracker friends?!!”   I looked and looked and then POP! out they came.  We all laughed and then Kuba really wanted us to go see the Turtles so off we went. But, what delight came our way, but the water service man who came right when Eli and Kuba got really curious about the water they heard coming from under this metal lid on the ground.  This Water Man was a very nice man. He opened the big metal lid and what did we see inside besides water???  Two frogs and a lizard.  All of us watched those frogs that finally decided to jump down and into the water.  We played with the shadows and light on the frogs to see if they would jump away or stay and, they finally jumped. Actually the first one jumped very quickly away. The second one gave us some great opportunities to view his wonderful nature.  Kai found lot’s of great sticks. Eli found one that he liked for a walking stick and discovered that it was actually a bit too thin to serve his needs.  Ruby’s legs are getting stronger and stronger with climbing up those big steps and up and up and up we went.  But where were the Turtles?  Well, we think they were on the log but alas, Eli  REALLY wanted to go in another direction/ the other side so, we did. And we kept looking for turtles. We found a kind of look out and there we saw a Heron on the big pipe that the turtles usually sit on and quite possibly a couple of turtles. It was a peaceful, calming and gorgeous view moment staring out at the beings that live there.  We then carried on and found a great place to settle into for the rest of the day.
Ruby, Linda and Kai found a very inviting  spot to sit near the water and I lead Eli and Kuba to another spot. There we noticed the plants growing in the water and different sticks to throw. Underneath the rocks there were little creatures that Kuba and Eli discovered. I think one of my most treasured part of this day was laying down so close to the Earth with these two and watching the tiniest of creatures crawl, crawl, crawl all around looking for a dark spot to hide under.  After a while the entire group came over to where we were and from there it was so fun to listen to all the different sounds that each rocks, stick and small stone made that the children were throwing into the water.  Lunch time had arrived so we all gathered and ate a beautiful array of food.
There was a partially   built shelter up against a tree and the rest of the day was building, decorating and creating around that tree.  Ruby invited me and Kuba over, Kai was building on the outside, and Eli was building in another part.  Some of the came in because Ruby said it was time to sleep. When we awoke everyone came in for breakfast.  Linda had gathered some beautiful plants that someone had left near our circle time. She had the fore thought to bring it and this is what decorated this wonderful home so nicely.
Walking back was a joy and driving back had some tired yet happy children.