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Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Half Moon

Kuba and Isabella were away for the day, Linda was home sick and Ruby returned. It was very nice to have her back with us!

I took them to our old spot where we were on the little hill top and the Sun shone upon us.  The big old horse trough was there filled to the brim with water, sticks all around and plants and such to make magick potions!   Eli was having a lot of fun flicking the water about with a stick though Ruby and Kai were not so keen on this. So, of course, there were some negotiations around all of that.  We came into circle with songs, story and snack and then we went to see the Fairy house!  We decided to make our own and began gathering material from all around. Together we made a home for the fairies that we truly enjoyed. We left gifts for them too. Well, the children snitched  a few gifts from the other Fairy house or rather transferred them to our new home. They were neighbors and all! 🙂
They love to play Hide and Go Seek so, in honor of some of the Rabbit songs we have been singing and Easter having just passed, I became the Momma Rabbit and they became the baby rabbits that went hop, hop, hop, hop away. “Oh dear where have my little treasures gone??? ” I wondered.

“Baby rabbits, Baby Rabbits, where are you???”  There was a great deal of noise coming from one area but that couldn’t be my baby rabbits as they are usually so very still and quiet, and then, and then, I heard little sounds of “hop, hop, hop, hop, hop…..”  and, I found them!!!

This was such a marvelous game as they would finally settle into stillness in the bush and then quietly start saying , “hop, hop, hop, hop, ” wherever they went.

We then made our way down to the waters as Eli was very very curious about something orange he saw in the distance.  We never made it to that though as they found MUD!  Eli and Ruby had the time of it running in and out of the mud and painting themselves. Kai joined in yet not to the full extent that these two did.  They were like PIGS in HEAVEN and the rest of the day was going from getting muddy, muddy, muddy, to washing off in the lake then getting Muddy, Muddy, Muddy and washing off int he lake.  At one point Kai and Ruby were at the mud place and Eli found little fish swimming about. He was enthralled.

We also found some great tracks that we had fun with.

Then we finally gave the last clean up and then made it back to the bus where we drew our picture of the day and made it back down the hill to home.

Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Ruby was gone today.  We began our first drop off and pick up at Perri Park. It was a great Success! There was cell reception and a “beach” so says Eli, to play at. This beach is down by the creek. This place is wonderful to play at and it was truly good to be able to receive calls and texts from folks who might be in need of getting in touch with us.

The weather was warm, sunny and with a gentle breeze as we ushered ourselves into the bus.

Driving away was easeful and faster to get to Roy’s due to our new pick up and drop off spot.  When we got there they immediately remembered this place and that place. Kai let me know that the “house” that no longer had a roof and the branch bridge was put there by students from his Mommies school.  Having this community unity is so wonderful.   The children played for awhile and then we came in for circle.

We were very, very blessed with Isabella’s Mommies muffins. Last week Isabella really wanted to have those again and here it actually happened!!  The children were very, very happy about this.  While we were in circle and singing Eli noticed a little boy and his Father playing behind us at the creek. He wanted to invite  them over for snack.  When they Father and son got a little closer to us Eli went over to ask if they  would join us but got a little shy and did not, at first.  But then he came back to see if someone would go with him to ask.  No one wanted to except Kuba who actually did not go.  Eli then brought the little boy a muffin from snack, came back and then we asked if he wanted to invite him to story.  Eli then asked him if he wanted to come for story. So, the boy and his father came over and joined us.  After circle they went back to themselves but later on Eli invited the boy over to see how they were “chopping down a tree.”  The little boy was happy to partake.  The sticks were getting a bit whirly while chopping the tree so they all began to take turns chopping down this little tree with their sticks/hatchets.  They took turns BEAUTIFULLY!!!

Round and round the circle they went chopping the tree and taking turns.

When that all subsided we then went over to one of the bouncy trees. The little boy joined us. Eli then took him on a grand adventure up the hill to some great Redwood “homes” while the others were being bounced by Linda. They were HAPPY!!!

The little boy had to go but he did not want to go. Eli helped him down the big hill again.  It turns out they were just looking at Tender Tracks and thinking it might be a good school for their son.  I just love synchronicity!

So, they left and we packed up to find our way to our other bouncy tree and our Redwood Circle to have lunch.   Off through the woods we went to see if we could find our way. I wish to share that Isabella has a really good sense of direction. No matter where we are she is very skilled at orienting.    There were a few cross roads and the children were figuring out which way to go. Finally Kuba and Linda went one way and we went the other. Linda had a sound that we could use so we wouldn’t ultimately loose each other.  The children really liked using that call to keep in touch with each other.   We finally all met back up, dropped our packs in the Redwood Circle and began to explore.   Kuba loved being on the bouncy tree mostly, and the rest were running around having fun climbing on the trees and such.

We had lunch pretty soon after that. Eli got cold and loved running around the tree we were in and climbing up the side for everyone to see.

After lunch Kuba wound up playing mostly on the bouncy tree with Linda and I was playing hide and go seek with the other three.  Today the three of them played so very well with each other though at times it was still clear that Kai really likes to play with Isabella and have her to himself. Again, inspite of that the three of them played very well together. It was delightful to see how they scampered off so quickly to hide and squeezed themselves into such tight little spots inside tree holes or under logs.

We then became like the fox in our story and walked ever so quietly to try and sneak up on Linda and Kuba!!!

During one of our songs in the morning we wanted to see if we could see any of the beings that are waking up this time of year: butterflies, bees, frogs, ants, lady bugs.  We saw none all day accept when we were walking back we saw some butterflies!! It was a delight!

Waning Gibbous Moon
Phoenix Lake

Ruby was not here today.

I would describe this day as still, peaceful, explorative, calm and gentle.

Just four children and two adults so a lot of the time two were with Linda and two with me.  Eli came today with vim, vigor and a nice dash of mischief.  He seems just about four with these descriptors running through him as he gave his glorious smile when he wanted to grab things I had.  After a good lot of chase games though and then finding the creek to roam in barefoot he found all that other stuff left by the way side.  My guess is his favorite part was running back and forth back and forth, back and forth up and down the little creek with his bare feet. He beamed with joy.

Isabella was playing with Eli most of the day and joined him not so much with his mischief but with all the fun. The two of them just had a blast playing “find the glass”, throw the rocks, chase Wendolyn, watch Wendolyn work at making a fire with flint and steel, playing under the bridge and being delighted that they could sit under there and many more permutations of water play. Kai shared that he really just wanted to play with Isabella and not Eli so Isabella is desired by both. It seems that when all 5 of them are together there is far less or no apparent challenge with who to play with. Therefore, Ruby was missed.  Kai also came with a “slimy throat” and followed his mother’s instructions to not get wet.  He was quite peaceful about this.  Kuba wanted to be with me at the beginning of the day.  However after a time, and for quite a time, he, Kai and Linda played in the sun by the waters stream and painted each others faces.  It was a most beautiful sight.

I told them a story today that I love to tell and Kuba actually knew it. It is called  One Fine Day.  It is a sequential/repetitive tale about a fox who takes something he shouldn’t and then he must ask many, many people and beings to help him in order to give back what he should not have taken.  Straight away after the tale Eli and Isabella became the fox in the story and began to act it out.
Kuba made sure I told the story just right, as children his age are very known for doing, and Kai listened on.  They all were singing the songs and doing the hand movements more then ever before and it was all rather fun.

The day went by so peacefully yet also so quickly and, as said earlier, gently.

I enjoyed gathering materials and working with my flint and steel and then with a magnifying glass to try to make fire.  Eli  delighted in filling the “nest” I made with stones and that ended the fire making part.  Then he, Isabella and Kuba joined with the target practice I made for them for a little bit too.

A peaceful and joyful day.