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Waning Crescent Moon
Deer Park

The day started out in happy spirits with everyone here. Yeah!! It was so good to see Leo and he appeared to be very  happy to be here. He was quite delighted with his Red”puffy” coat when we were all discussing the warmth of what we had on.  Benny had a present for Simone who gracefully turned it down. He gave it to Simone and she was DELIGHTED!!!  Those who needed to finish their pillows were excited to do so today and all agreed that they were happy to go to Deer park.  They had talked about the fort last week and I said we would go there soon.  So here we were. We sang some winter songs and our welcoming song, passed out stuffed animals and away we went.  The beginning of the day has been described in an email so after that, Benny guided us straight to the fort.  They all scampered up the hill, not an easy task, and went right in to the fort.  It was so beautiful because they ALL went in their to eat.
They showed themselves as a group, not separate individuals as has been expanding each week. They were all conversing together and enjoying this great new home.  I shared with them a song that I sing before eating with sign language and said they now know a little bit about how to speak with their hands. Quite lovely.
As they began to play I brought their awareness to some of the “dangers” of playing on this structure.  We all stopped to look about and notice what was unsafe, how many wanted to get hurt on this day ( it was unanimous, no one wished to get hurt) and what can we do to have fun and stay healthy and whole.  They problem solved and made some personal and group choices and went back to playing.

After a time they scattered to different and in different social configurations.  Sidona was once again enthralled  with some mushrooms so I went with her first to share in this moment and take in the beauty of this great polypor mushroom that she found.   Then I began to sew with first, Bodhi.  He was an Excellent sewer,and, as it turned, out they ALL were!  The needle turned into a little Gnome that would go through the mountain then up, up and up into the sky, then back through the mountain again. Over and over and over the little Gnome traveled until he got to the end of the Mt.  I held my hands on two sides while the needle/Gnome went through.  Then it was Lenny, Benny and then Leo first stuffed and then sewed his pillow with delight.  Leo really loved his pillow and said”can I sleep on it?”  When we were down the hill he wanted to go up and get it again.

All the while during sewing times, some where up near the fort and others were exploring the swing down below.  Then, Benny and Bodhi discovered the bicycle ramps that had LOT’S of mud.  There they sat so very contented for a very long time!  Sidona and Simone were truly happy making creations with sticks and pieces of dead wood.  After all the sewing I asked if they wanted to explore another area. Simone very clearly said “NO, I really like creating these things here.”

I went back and forth between all the groups.  The girls figured out how to make balance beams with some wood there, the boys were enjoying making mud balls.  I made some mud balls and created a target and that got them going on that.  Then Leo found another joy of throwing the mud balls onto a wood board and seeing them get smooshed.   There was some time working with stones to create more stone knives, and I discovered a log that was fun to balance on and a bit challenging.   Leo was very skilled at balancing, Lenny was a bit impatient but began to learn the benefits of slowing down. Bodhi made the BIGGEST mud ball and held it like a dear baby and Benny was in a similar category as Bodhi with his mud ball.

When we finally had to leave that was not the most desired thing to do.  They were just sinking into all of these joys but they rallied.  The girls became “old ladies” with a stick walking back and said it would just take them too long to get back to the bus.  I played this game the first time we went here and it has stuck!!!

And oh yes, soon after lunch Benny had to go poop so we found a good spot to dig a hole and for him to go.  He wanted privacy and it was a bit funny the way all the kids rallied around his need.  It was peaceful yet a bit comical because all the while they all wanted to hear a story I said I would tell.  We waited until Benny was really finished, I covered it up and down we went.  There we sat while Benny was sewing and I told a story called Masha and the Bear.  They are such great listeners to tales.

And so went the day.

Waxing Crescent Moon
Sorrich Ranch park

Leo was not able to be with us due to some mishaps and I am so sad about that.  He was missed.  This was such a beautiful day with the Sun as warm again as a fine Spring day.  We had much to do: paint the bus and stuff pillows with Cattail down.  I left the thread at home so sewing will take place next week for the children that wanted to sew their pillows with me. Others wanted to take them home and sew them with their families.  PLEASE do not wash these pillows unless you are interested in making a fine experiment,which could be quite fun too!!!

The children came excited for the day yet Benny seemed a little tired and he was sensitive and easily upset a good part of the day.  Quite workable yet tender.   However, today, there was more group unity and wholeness than I have felt before.  Benny and Lenny still had struggles over who was going to have a turn with this or that but when given an opportunity to decide if they really wanted to work things out with defensive postures or more respect one to the other, they chose the later.

When we got to the park they went straight to the big rock there to eat lunch.  Sidona said she already ate and the rest just ate straight up while I told the begged for story, The Gunny Wolf. This right now is a favorite of Sidona’s yet they all, accept Bodhi, request it as well.  After that there were those who had to pee, then playing up and down on the rock and then……PAINT THE BUS!!!
They really enjoyed getting their hands in the paint and finding all the places to put their marks, colors and creations.  Then they stood back to see their beautiful work.  A very unifying event.   After that we cleaned up and Lenny really wanted to go to the swings and the others really wanted to stuff their pillows so, after having a very fun time together putting sun screen on, we packed up everything, picked out which pillow cases they wanted for themselves and walked the short yet harder way up to the swings.    They made it.  Benny and Lenny went straight to the swings and the other three went straight to stuffing their pillows.  It didnt’ take long for Benny and Lenny to come down and join the party.   After the pillows were stuffed Sidona went and climbed high up in the tree nearest to us.  Simone wanted to climb up but didn’t make it as far yet still had fun.  Benny and Lenny figured out how to take turns with ease on the swing up above and Bodhi and I were having fun climbing rocks and finding treasures. There was a change of places and then Lenny and Benny went to the higher tree.  Simone and Sidona then figured out how to take turns. When it was Simones turn Sidona climbed up on the higher tree with the rest of us and Simone was singing the greatest songs while she was swinging, in full voice.  I thought it was BEAUTIFUL and so alive, authentic and organic!!!!  What a treat.   Bodhi found a great Buckeye under this Buckeye tree that we were under and the rest wanted to find some too.  Actually, he and Simone found a lot of Soap root on our walk up that the others were really interested in.  Then Bodhi found some rocks and I wanted to see what he was up to so he and I began to gather and then I began to make some stone knives.  Lenny really liked this.  He, Sidona and I were together while I was making these and I cut some rope to show them how sharp the stone knife can actually get.  Then he and Benny were really working on these tools for awhile.  Sidona, Simone and Bodhi thought it would be REALLY fun to “play a trick on me” when it was time to go and I just couldn’t find them anywhere!!! ( ok I really DID know where they were but, oh dear, maybe not!!)  And then, what were those sounds coming from behind the rock?  Surprise!!! they were there all along.

Trying to leave was a bit hard because they really were having a good time but alas, we had to.  The climb down was fun as Bodhi was trying to carry all of these soap root husks and Simone really wanted more Soap Root and her pillow to carry and a stick and…… Sidona didn’t want to put her shoes on or really she just wanted to stay a little longer and then there were some very cute dogs we saw as we were leaving and, oh dear, just too much fun.  And so that was how our day went, quite nice….

Waxing Gibbeous Moon
John and Peggy’s Land in Nicassio

What a beautiful January day in Marin.  It was so warm one would have thought spring was just around the corner. However, my experience is that every January it feels like this and then finally the rains come, with a grand welcome.  Bodhi and Lenny came with openess to the day and then we went to pick up our other friends.   Benny ran to the bus with great exuberance, Simone was quite quiet along with Leo and Sidona arrived a little later.  She was not happy at all about going yet Mom needed her to stay so, with a great deal of unhappy tears she was on the bus, door closed and Mom heading off.  The children were very calm and present and had some loving suggestions for her but she was not interested.  I offered a nice soft rabbit skin that is offered to all children when their hearts are sad but she didn’t want it.  The other children though really did as well as the books that I offered. So, they were all content and then I joyfully let them know that I was taking them to a new and wonder filled place that has been offered to us to play at whenever we wish.  I let them know that we were going to gather Cat Tail down to make pillows. The making of the pillows would be on another day. They seemed excited and interested in this.

Off we went and Sidona was filled with whimpers for at least half of the ride.  Simone’s tender heart was really wondering how long Sidona would cry and if it would be all day. Great conversation came from this and then somehow I wound up saying how much I love sparkley things. Well, that was the key.  She began to talk about how much she liked sparkley things too and then everything was up hill from there.  Benny had some challenging moments today as well but nothing on the grand scale and he made it through without much of a hitch.  The end of the day at drop off Bodhi was very sad because somehow his cattail did not make it to him and went to someone else, so, either someone got one who didn’t want one or I lost one! And that is about it for the major discomforts. Now for the easier parts and more readily enjoyable parts of the day.

When we got to this new place they went right to the lawn because Benny said he was really hungry and there they ate and I told them a story about Snowflake and the Dragon. A tale about chivalry, finding friends in unexpected places, choices,  Fairy Mothers and Queen Mother Moon making snow,how to use a sword for good and not to harm, and the Months of the year.  I gave them a couple new songs, one of which is a song that sings the names of the months, seasons and days of the week.   It was finally time to pack up lunch and find our way to the Cat tails.  They were so very, very present and up for the adventure.  They had to climb over two gates and figure out how to do that with their backpacks on. Some took theirs off and slipped thru the fence, some climbed over, and some slipped thru with their packs on.  We went up hills and then down thru the grasslands to another fence and the same problem solving took place.  Leo led the way and found the huge lake to play at.  Instantly they began to find stones to throw in it and I found the cattails.  We went over there and at first only Sidona, Simone and Leo were gathering and cleaning the Cattail down into the bag.  One by one the others came by and added to the bag. It got fuller and fuller. Sidona was quite pleased withherself that she could get the Cat tails by herself. Bodhi discovered that he could too and was very happy about this as well.

Over by the lake Lenny, Benny and Bodhi were having fun throwing rocks and then looking under the rocks where they found rolly pollys.  What fun was that?!  They were mesmerized by these beings and had such fun with them.  I aided them with knowing all about lifting the beings roof up and then putting it back down again.  They found wonderful little shells there and later, on our way back,we found great tracks: deer, coyote? and other questionable markings.

When it was time to go all but Simone and Sidona ran off so there is still some learning about how to make sure the whole group is together.  I needed them to come back because I took them back a different way.  It is a way with much mud  and climbing up and down.   They had to really figure out how to navigate thru different terrain, through mud and through very tall grasses.  They rose to the occasion.  Benny did lose his shoe at one point to the mud so I came back, got the shoe, put it back on and off we went.  Then, I think my favorite part, was seeing how each one of them navigated over the cow guard, metal bars on the road to keep cows from crossing.  They have very wide spaces between them.  Lenny and Simone were most challenged by it.  Simone just figured out how to hold on to the rail on the other side to cross but Lenny was baffled by it all and gave up until I suggested that he watch how Simone was getting across. He went straight to doing what she did and was delighted.

The ride back they were happy with their rabbit furs and books and then a story that I told from a request, a typical request as we drive back.

A very lovely day and my heart is beaming with joy to be on this land.  We can come here anytime and we are very WELCOME!! Welcome to build fires, harvest plants and add to the land.  What a joy I can’t even begin to describe!