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Waxing half Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Leo was sick today.
It was another sweet day.  The children were ready and they started the day singing our welcoming song and the rain song.  This has been long coming and I do believe Wohe was the one who won their voices over with sharing his all these past weeks!  Simone was the first to request the beloved Rabbit furs to hold while we drive and the rest of the children came right in with their own desires of exactly which one they wanted to hold.  Then off we went.

Today  Simone was Guardian of the People/Finder of our Adventure.  Sidona was Guardian of Safety. Lenny was Finder of the Lunch Spot and Bodhi could have been Guardian of Direction but he REALLY did not want to do that. The children were informed that they never had to do a job and unless the other wanted to switch one would have to wait until another week came for them to enjoy what they preferred.  They found the rain sticks in the bus and spent quite a bit of time sharing those, listening to them, enjoying them, telling stories of how they know or don’t know about them and then, it was time to go.   We got all the right clothes on just in case the Skys poured fourth their rain but this never came about.  It was a bit chilly though so we took some of the right clothes yet  not enough. During lunch I went back and got Simone a warmer coat and let her wear my scarf hat the rest of the day.
Lenny was leading us to lunch spot and Simone wanted to change her mind and take that job back that she switched with Lenny.  As stated before, that was no longer an option yet it would be during another week. She took that right in and went along with Lenny’s choice.  I think she was just cold and didn’t like where he was taking us, hence, getting something warmer to wear.
Lenny wanted to go to the other side of the creek so we all shimmied across a log that is over the creek.  Lenny said, “Where are we going to eat? There is no picnic table.”  What there was was a beautiful fallen log with great Turkey tail mushrooms on it’s side creating a pretty skirt and a perfect table cloth for our needs.  We sat down and used it for our table.

During and after eating a Banana Slug was found and we watched it with great intent and then a wonderful California Newt.  They all got their hands dirty in order to hold it safely.  Lenny really wanted to hold it but said he was scared.  After a while and with lot’s of support from the children, by way of just being close to him and open to sharing this treasure with him, he held it, gave it back, held it gave it back, held it and……..He liked it!!!!! and was delighted with himself.

Simone really did not want to leave this area and the boys appeared to have a need to move so they got to roam all along this waters bank.  They were going towards the Waterfall and I followed them as the girls were investigating some plants and Banana Slugs.  They soon began to follow and then some great fun ensued.   They all tried to climb this very challenging rock to get closer to the Water fall. It was Simone who scrambled across everything with such ease!   I helped the rest and then Simone said she had to pee.
The quickest way was if I helped her walk through some shallow yet rushing water to the other side where some good trees were for this.   Bodhi went first, then Simone.  Lenny came next but he was really scared and had a few tears. He really thought that he couldn’t do it.  Then Simone said that she would go and somehow that spurred him on to say, “oh I can do it” and he went before her and made it!!!!  Two times today he embraced what he was frightened of and two times he made it through with a stronger sense of self and his abilities.   On the other side Simone did what she needed to and the others went romping up the great big stairs.  When they started to go a way different then what Simone wanted she made it clear that it was her choice today and she wanted to go another way. Simone and Bodhi who were up ahead honored her Role with ease and came right down.   We then went to the left, into the Redwood trees and had a wonderful last part of our day. The girls found wonderful flowers and picked them but first they gave songs and gifts to the plant people for what they were being given.  I found some Usnea for them to add to their flower bouquets and they liked this very much. They found mushrooms and added those to their beautiful arrangements that they then gave to the Earth as gifts.   The boys found a great, just begun, shelter and I started to haul in more wood to add to it. Then the boys and I all got going on finding lot’s of wood to build up this shelter while the girls carried on with their wonderful gifts for the Earth.   As I was dragging down a long branch, Simone left her world and joined mine. She then requested that we both carry the very long thick branch and then she said “let me carry it all by myself.”  I let go and off she went, even after she realized how big, long and heavy this was. She is quite the power house!

Lenny discovered a great Redwood tree that they had found a “birds nest” in along with another California Newt that we spent some time with.  Then he, Sidona and Simone climbed all the way up this Redwood tree.  They all had to negotiate how to get down and all the while Bodhi was engrossed in the shelter.  The other three finally came down and Lenny was in heaven.  He said he was like the birds and since he was studying birds right now he liked being up there like one of them.

They didn’t want to leave but leave we had to do.   We made it to the bus, buckled up and oh yes, there was story during this day and singing and Simone and Sidona were heard saying how much they love to just sing as we were singing as we were building and playing.

New Moon
Deer Park

Leo was on holiday today which left four children.  I wanted us to go to Deer park and explore up the creek a bit.
Before we even left we sang our Welcoming song led by, as of late, WoHe the Orangutang.   There was talk about the Moon calendar that is up in the bus now and a lot of figuring out who would get what stuffy.  When this was all figured out off we went on our short ride to the park.   In the bus it was decided that Simone would stay Guardian of Safety. She hurt herself right as she arrived today and so it seemed fitting.  Sidona was to find where we would eat, Lenny wanted to stay the Guardian of Directions and Bodhi was very happy to be the Guardian of the People.  I drew them a map of where I was suggesting that we adventure to and Bodhi was delighted.  He had been here with “Pup Pack” and was truly happy to be taking us on an adventure.
Sidona was very happy to take us to where she wanted us to go for lunch, the tree house.  Up they all scrampbled and Sidona first went straight to the place where we last saw mushrooms. She and the others all wound up on the tree house to eat. But then Sidona for some reason thought that there was a Black Widow spider walking on the boards and scampered away to sit very close to me.  I talked much about Black Widows, where they live and the like.  She seemed afraid of many little things like ants too for a short part of the day and then, it all seemed to fall away once we left this place. But first, a story about How Spring is Just Around The Corner and afterwards, off we went to go and see if Spring really WAS around the corner.  Bodhi led the way and into the woods we went.

The trail wound round and round  like a snake  and it was thin.  There was one part that Bodhi felt very uneasy about so I helped him but Sidona, who was up ahead with him, scampered through.   After that Bodhi was like a fast Mt. Goat as he scurred along the path and Lenny complained that this was just too much.  The whole walk was really about ten minutes but Lenny was not feeling that at the time. However, with some support we kept going until we came to this beautiful open area where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon.   I straight away took off my shoes in order to climb better on a big log as well as to bring in a new awareness and possibility of how to connect to the Earth.  Lenny was the most intrigued.  We all went further up the area and I started dragging out long logs with the thought of building a shelter and just seeing where they would take this.  Just then some small feathers were found by Simone and Sidona.  I came to see and we began to pull the duff around and away in order to see if we could find any more clues as to who this bird was and what might have caught it.  Bodhi came over then Lenny came over and then there was pushing away the ground even more.  From that there came building of small houses and wondering if we could make a fire. Then there was a conversation around the safety of fire making and all that is involved in making fires and what the Fire people actually eat when they all get together in a bundle in the woods!!!!

This day was yet another most magickal day of unfolding itself from one wonderful topic and exploration to another.   They each unfolded and unfolded throughout our time together.  Finally, towards the end, Lenny asked me to play my Ocarina, the flute around my neck.  I said how about I play and you dance. Well that didn’t go over so well so then I suggested they be different animals with the music.  As I played, little by little not only did they become animals but they all began to climb up the big log that I first climbed on when we got there embodying different animals.   Then the music went on and so did the expression of different creatures and different tempos, rhythms and pace.  I then brought out my bigger flute as Simone wanted more music and here she danced and danced as an Elephant and the rest were marvelous different animals.  Unfortunately we really had to go but right then Sidona came up with a great game: I play the music, one child acts out an animal and the rest of us guess what animal they are.  Since we had to leave we put this game up on an imaginary board to remember it for our next time together.

We spent a lot of the day playing with our imaginations and by the end of the day, and as we were walking back, Sidona and Simone decided that I has been kidnapped and was no longer me but a bad guy. But then, low and behold, they became the wicked witches of the East and were DASTERDLY!  Well they kept that up the entire ride home and the boys were not so sure about all this. It seemed that they really wanted them to come back to their regular selves!

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What another wonder filled day!   The weather, though rain so needed, was still in it’s own glory of being. Just who it is in the very moment.  We were blessed with this beauty and were able to be under the trees with out a winter chill.   We went back here this week because last week right as we were leaving they found an area that they really liked and did not want to leave so, I promised them we could come back and explore. And, we did.  Straight away they went to the log over the creek that they wanted to test their balancing skills,  one by one, and crossed over it via shimmying( don’t really know how to spell that word!)    Of course our resident Mycologist, AKA Sidona, instantly found mushrooms that we all checked out.  When we were on the bus before getting out Simone found my Bone box and really wanted me to bring it out.  I did and all came over to check out all the different kinds of bones that I had. There were very small rodent ones, bird skulls, owl skulls, fox, seal, deer and coyote.  They did not know what any of them were but were given the opportunity to really look, see, notice and guess who these creatures might have been.  My favorite is sharing the pelvis. Almost all children and adults too, think that it is a head. Simone was very involved and enjoying all of this while Leo was the least interested. The time then came to pack them back up and continue on to the next unfoldment of the day.  The children ate and then, another adventure followed. Lenny, Leo and Bodhi were heading off down stream. We followed them and wound up climbing up and up a hill.  But where they took us was right to the Waterfalls where, with such joy, the embraced with moments of stillness and vocalizations of glee and delight over being so close to this natural wonder.    As we wound up getting further and further away from our backpacks I suggested that, for safety, we go back,and get them so that we would  have our food, water and first aid kits and then continue on. So, back to our packs we went, got them on and made our way back to the waterfall.

They were SOOOOOO happy to be on this exciting adventure so close to the waterfall and then climbing up the side of the hill off into the woods.   As we went through the woods we found some edible plants and more mushrooms to view.   We kept going and found ourselves at a road. Which way to go?  Leo and Bodhi had to figure this out together again.  There were at least four choices and in the end, we wound up going back the way we came and then off to a Redwood Grove where they spent the rest of our time there.   Bodhi, Sidona and Simone found more Redwood Burn to scrape and paint ourselves with.    Leo was very involved in trying to get this dead part of a tree down from a big Redwood Tree and Lenny stood way back watching with encouragement yet self protection for the potential fall of this big dead piece of wood.  He and I really wondered if he could get it down and he tried and tried and tried but alas, no success.  It was indeed a big undertaking.    There was a lot of exploring, discovering, group problem solving, movements of bodies and working together as well as being challenged together.  It was wonderful to see them move through all this with such group unity.

Finally, at the end of the day, it was Lenny’s turn to find our way back.  He was Guardian of Directions.  He took us back in a way I did not even see coming and it was fun for all and very quick!

The bus has been having this very funny on going scene of Sidona getting WoHe, the Orangutan Monkey and pretending that it is very sick, it dies, it comes back to life and we all give it some kind of rememdy to make it better as well as great sadness for it’s departure from this world.

An ongoing game and it continues to transform and transmute.