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Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Simone and Leo weren’t with us today.  The wind was blowing with great gusto and a cold icy feel to it.  The rains never came as was predicted yet, truly, that wind had it’s time with blowing us about.    When we first got there Lenny and Sidona saw a friend of their’s that they home school with and her Mom and brother.  We spent a little bit of time with them as they were very, very excited to be with them.  Then we all went our separate ways.  Lenny was DELIGHTED to run to his favorite Redwood Tree to climb and Sidona followed him up and up as they climbed.  Bodhi does not have their enthusiasm  for climbing so he and I ate a bit while they did that.  They then came down and joined the eating part.  They really did not want to go any where so we stayed in this one area for a time as they explored climbing some other trees and the land around us.   I began to gather material that might be able to be used for a fire which then got them involved in looking for places after a rain where you might find dry material. Pretty soon everyone was looking all about for this stuff.   We all worked together to get some fire going.  We were successful a couple of times but the larger sticks of wood were just too wet and the fire never fully took.  However, they did get to see where you gather dry wood under the dead logs and making shavings and gathering certain dried thistles, though VERY pokey, for fire starter.   They worked together to make a wind breaker too.   Lenny however REALLY wanted a fire because he was cold.  I then showed him where to go to get a bit warm. We went under the big Redwood tree, huddled together and I told them several stories.  One of which was a story that Sidona missed from last week and Lenny and Bodhi wanted to hear again: Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle.  For the rest of the day they were talking about the Big Wind Eagle and how much he was flapping his wings and making such wind!!!

After a while I encouraged us all to go walking in order to get warm and we did.  Bodhi was our guide for this and he took us to some of his favorite places and then we settled down in this one spot near the lake.  They spent FORTY MINUTES, taking care of a little worm.  The worm unfortunately did not fair too well so most of the time was building him a great grave.  They gathered plants and all the Cattails around to make this new home of his very, very cozy.  They were all working together and sharing thoughts and ideas on this process throughout.   We found all manner of beautiful lichen and leaves to give the worm a sweet bed.  They all got very involved in trying to get the Catttails from the lake.  We then saw Ducks that were like the ones in Gluscabi’s story too.

Such a fine and invigorating day as we stayed with the cold and made our way through that, found material for fire and discovered the many wonderful things that lay upon the Forests floor.

Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwood

What an absolutely glorious, cohesive and fun day.   They all began the day with open hearts and playful spirits.  I taught them some new Spring songs for our first full day of Spring and said good bye to winter.  They requested the furs, books and stuffed animals and those were passed out generously.  Then we made our way to Roy’s Redwood so that I could show them the waters that poured forth there and created such beautiful flowing waters throughout the Redwoods that we have spent much time exploring in the past.

When we got there  they got different jobs and they each chose what they wanted.  Bodhi was the Guardian of Lunch/he found the lunch spot, Lenny was the Guardian of directions/ he found our way back, Leo was Guardian of the People/ he brought us on an adventure, Simone was Guardian of Safety/she carried the first aid bag and Sidona helped her out/ we lost the second bag and the girls REALLY both like this job.

They all were SUPERB at their jobs and appreciated each others leadership.   Leo took us on a grand adventure up, up and up the hill towards? and then he finally decided to go down, down, down until he found water.  Just the adventure alone to get to these past two parts was wonderful as we had to navigate through waters or avoid going through waters, climb over big logs, trod through mud and go through and over much.   When he found a pool of water in the creek we went no further.

At first the boys began to build a bridge over the water.  They grabbed many long logs/branches and placed them across. Simone was VERY into helping them with this.  This was actually building a dam before but morphed into a bridge. While they were doing that Sidona and I found a great dry “home” inside a Redwood tree and began to build more protection.  Actually there was so much going on in and around all of this that I am leaving out but this is the core of what was going on.
She and I found lot’s of branches and things to make it beautiful and throughout the day she and I made it a lovely place. She made tables and chairs and a place to put the meat.  The boys and Simone continued to build and go in the water. But then, the really fun part was watching Leo go deeper and deeper and deeper into the water and then work at getting Lenny in deeper and deeper. Lenny really wanted to get in but kept saying “I’m scared, I’m scared!”  He finally got all the way in and what a fun time he had with Leo in the water.  Simone LOVED watching their antics and was laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and during her thank you’s this was part of it, loving watching them.  Bodhi pulled out a container he had and was having so much fun not only  watching them but filling his container. Simone joined him and the two of them had a blast filling up that container with mud and water. She then got really into making a beautiful mud ball that she carried all the way back to the bus.  Sidona invited everyone into the house created and showed them her pretend fire which, by this time, Lenny and Leo REALLY wanted to be real.

They were quite cold so I said “let us go back a little early to change you into warm clothes.”  Lenny had to lead us back and did a GREAT job of doing so, with ease.  We all made it back, clothes were changed and off we went!

Last Quarter Moon
Lake Lagunitas

All were here and the weather was filled with dark clouds and rain gently falling throughout the day.  They began by taking their time with getting just the right stuffed animal, the soft rabbit furs and just the right book. Each child chose one or two of the above mentioned. We sang our welcoming song and freely, the rain songs that have been hard to sing the past two months.  But now, we can and did sing them with GUSTO!  Then, we made our way to the adventure of the day.

When we got there Leo and Simone needed to finish getting prepared for outdoors and then I told them the plans for the day.
Since St Patties day is just a few days away I thought we would celebrate with a special story and then grinding our own wheat, making our own butter and cooking our own biscuits.  But first, we had to run over and see the BEAUTIFUL, FULLY FLOWING WATERFALL!!!!!!!!!  The waters were flowing and high.  Sidona later on said, “The land is all covered!”  and so it was.  They remembered where we had walked and hiked just a few weeks ago and how now it was completely submerged.  The excitement was high in us all and the beauty was stunning.   They had all helped bring different things that we needed for the day to the shelter before hand so we took our time taking in this natural wonder of the gift from the Sky world, WATER!

They started to eat and I told them the story of Shawn O’Hoologhan and Mrs. O’malley and how she made cream into gold.  From there they, with my new little hand cranked grain grinder, took turns grinding the wheat. Then we poured the very, very white cream into a glass jar and started to shake, shake, and shake.  They all took turns but, I must say, I got my workout today because I was left doing the final touches on this journey. Phew! our lives are a piece of cake compared to when women made all the bread, butter and cooked all the time!   During all of this the boys were VERY much wanting to play in their favorite Redwood Tree so they ran off. The girls were very happy cleaning up and “setting the table.”
When all was ready, time to eat was called and they came running!  They sat down and the biscuits got covered with butter and “organic” agave syrup.  Leo was very happy that it was Organic and gave a big smile when he found out.  They ate it all up accept Sidona really just liked the butter and the syrup, though she never really took a bite of the bisquit and Lenny ate half of his. The other three asked for seconds and they all LOVED the process.

When I brought out the cook stove and lit the burners they were all enthrwalled with the flames and their colors.  It was fun to see their enthusiasm with even a camp stove.   After eating they cleaned everything up and then went to play. They just had a GREAT time out there in the rain and the woods.  Simone was a little cold so we went back to the bus to get her a hat and mittens.  Sidona and Lenny came along and got mittens as well.

For the rest of the day Leo and Bodhi were REALLY into pushing each other, rough housing, falling in the mud and water and loving it but Lenny was not as involved with that and there were some social struggles from this.  I turned them all into Mighty and galant warriors and the girls were the Queens of the Realm.  The Mighy and Galant Warriors had to follow a special code or they would loose their most precious swords.  The Queens were to observe ( which that had been doing all along and loving it) and deem if the Mighty Warriors were staying true and fair to the grand CODE!

After getting ready to ride home and getting on our way the rough housing turned into much harsher words that seemed beyond acceptable and an invitation to put those words away and use softer ones came forward.   They complied and off we went and back after our first longer day.