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Waning Moon
Soreich Ranch Park

Today felt like everyone was finally settling in well to the world of Tender Tracks, each other and the rhythm of the days.  Rhett has found some peace with coming onto the bus, Aaron is full of vim, vigor and four and a half year old humor and delightful mischievous energy. Ariel is working with and through her desire to be heard and have others do what she wants, Talay is bounding with her physical prowess and deep connection and love for the natural word, Io is filled with fun, observation and a light and joyous heart.  Velia was not with us today and truly missed, Layton, on this day,  was beside herself with smells that she didn’t like and then finally finding acceptance ease and peace with that, Alara today was delighted to finish sewing her felt bag and began gathering tinder for the coming rainy days.  And our newest friend Xander,to me, has balanced Tender Tracks out. Since day one I kept feeling someone was missing in our circle and now that he, Xander in particular, I no longer have that feeling.  And, though he seemed quite tired today his curiosity for life, his well developed physicality along with his communication skills, open heart and welcoming nature to everyone and his INCREDIBLE sewing skills has truly brought Tender Tracks into wholeness.
When we got to Soreich they all ran out, found the bushes to pee in, then went straight to the big rock.  The games that they played together throughout the day were beautiful. Clearly you all connect them to the natural world beautifully as they quickly and easily became Eagles, mice, birds and other manner of grand natural beings along with being Kings and Queens.  Aaron was Rhetts little mouse in their castle and he was delighted to be this!! Io was a grand Bald eagle and loved having her white coat be like the Bald Eagle. When we saw a beautiful Hummingbird fly most magnificently above our heads many became that for a time.
We had circle with great unity and Michelle repeated the Acorn story.  We then gathered our belongings and made our way up, up, up the big hill that was showering us with the hot rays of Grandpa Suns warmth on up to the swings and the grand rock.
Prior to our walk up Rhett and Ariel had touched some poop so they washed it off but the smell was still lingering no matter our efforts. I put some nice essential oils on their hands. Layton however, when coming near it did not like it. Walking up Alara tried to help and she sprayed her Cedar oil under her armpits. Why she did this I do not know but, she did. Well, Layton REALLY did not like that smell. No matter where she turned she kept smelling it and was beside herself!!!  We did our best to clean it off but it stuck soundly to her. She kept asking, “when is it going to come off? When is it going to come off?”  She reminded me so much of my cat when he gets around smells he doesnt’ like or smells that get on him. So that was brought up among other playful ways to help her with this discomfort. And, she finally found some peace around it and was delighted with herself for doing so. As she should!!
Aaron was so happy to be gathering all the garbage up there and putting it in the Earth bag. However, he found some blue broken glass and thought it was fun to pound it into small pieces. Through gentle support he discovered that that makes a  rather great hazard for self and others. I cleaned it up as best as possible and we went to find other more viable and safe things to pound with hearts delight.
Rhett and Io were the only ones who did not finish their felt tinder pouches. Rhett was about to start but there was just too much fun to be had with climbing on the rocks and playing on the swings.
Ariel, Layton and Alara were having some really nice and cooperative play in these swings.  Io was immersed in playing with Rhett and all around the entire area.  Xander, as already mentioned, was involved happily with sewing his pouch great  skill. He is the youngest yet his skills are more advanced then them all!   Talay was just filled with her physical joy over climbing, swinging, gathering plants to eat such as Fennel seeds earlier in the day and Figs with Aaron and I before snack.
The children were clearly getting thirsty so we went down the hill to get more water. There they filled up their bottles. They seemed like they really needed a rest so I opened up our lunch table cloth to be our laying down place. There we all laid down and looked up at the tree tops. Much to our surprise we discovered several Squirrels nests, birds and other wonders.  But then, toppling on Michelle was the best and that was how the day found it’s end, after our good bye circle.
A very beautiful and united day.

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Xander joined Tender Tracks today.  He and his family are just wonderful and he was welcomed very nicely.  Michelle was held up due to construction and the awful incident that happened in Marin.  I did not hear about it until the end of the day but cars were being stopped and checked, which included Michelle.
When she had come we were all so happy to see her and she was warmly greeted.  She in turn greeted Xander.  At our circle we played our game to get to continue our journey in getting to know each other and, we began some of our new October songs.  Then Michelle told us a great Acorn story and how they got their caps which was to lead us into cracking open the acorns we gathered.  But first, before anything could happen after circle we were to play BANDAID TAG!!!!  This was very, very fun and most of us were running running all over accept Aaron and Ariel who were busy cooking things and needed a pot to do so. An imaginary one did not seem to do the trick either.   Aaron asked if anyone brought a diaper to play diaper tag and we all REALLY wanted to finally know how to play this game he has been telling us about.  He finally told us and we all laughed. But, still no one had a diaper to play so, back to bandaid tag!!
It then became time to begin sewing their Tinder Bundle pouches and crack open those acorns so, some were with Michelle and some with me. My group went  down to the creek to find just the right rocks to pound the acorns with.  I had a very good time with Rhett, Ione, Alara and Layton.  Ione LOVED the little maggot worms that were found in some of the acorns and they became her tenderly cared for friends that she shared with everyone.  There is still much to do with regard to getting all the sewing done, then putting on the buttons and then finger knitting the straps so this project will take awhile. However we DO need to find the dry tinder as quickly as we can before the rains, that we keep hearing about, will come.
After this it was very much lunch time so we made our lunch place but alas, the Yellow Jackets came swooping out of what seemed like no where so we moved far away and into the sunlight. Being in the sun was a bit challenging yet lunch was eaten.
They then discovered the great climbing Redwood Tree near us and what a beautiful sight it was to see them all at different places on the tree, like colorful christmas lights.
The children thought that they saw a snake in a little water lid covered spot. Some were poking it, Ione was highly opposed to that ( so were MIchelle and I, for a variety of reasons) and others were just so curious. Others found a safety spot to run to and many went to check that out.
At the end of the day we had fine conversations about the animals and what they need right now: water, food and safety. This means that they often hide in little places and it could be very dangerous for us to poke about in those places.  Michelle left and I told a story about how the Rattle snake came to be and why it rattles before it strikes in the bus on the way back.

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Rhett and Aron were absent today. Ione almost was but she met us at the Lake. The Girls thought this was very fun to just have girls and, so it was.  A very different energy.  I always enjoy days when who shows up is a bit different. Different groupings create different adventures.
Due to all of this the intentions of the day got altered and such is the way of nature.  We had our circle and the story that decided that wanted to be told was A House with No Doors, No Windows and a Star Inside.   Michelle had gone apple picking this weekend and brought many for us. This story seemed fitting. After the story and finding a star inside every apple we cut open we brought out little leather cloths for them to polish the apples.  What a joy it was because as they polished and polished and shined them up, many wonders began to appear on the surface of the apples. Some looked just like the stars in the Heavens.   At first all were polishing accept Talay. She found a cricket and very, very gently caught it and then sat as still as she did our second day when she got a Banana Slug. This cricket just stayed on her and took the same route that the banana slug did, up her arm until it finally, after about 15 min. decided to jump away.   She has a gift most assuredly!
The yellow jackets were still about even though I lit a very special incense to ward them away. I am not convinced on it’s powers to keep the Yellow Jackets away but it was fun trying!
The girls began to run all over playing, Get away from Yellow Jackets. Michelle and I thought it would be a good time to pack up and see if we could find a place where  no Yellow Jackets journeyed.  So, off we went. But first a visit to the Porta potties and then Talay had a place that she wanted to take us so we followed her.   We had a wonderful walk around half the lake to the place where the bridge is and the Redwood grove where the, now dry, creek bed is.  We settled in there and ate our lunch and then they explored here and there. But what was out a ways away from us? Cat tails, very large cat tails that some of the children called Cock tails, the sound it seems is close to each other hence the different name.
The marsh was so dry we were able to walk out and get some.  At first just a few of us went but then more wanted one like the big one that Talay got so they all went out, but this time with Michelle. There they laid down in the plants and looked up at the sky. We actually did a lot of that on this day checking to see if rain was really coming or not.  The sky was fickled on this day.
While they were all out searching for more Cattails and looking up at the heavens,  Talay and I found a most beautiful little nook inside a redwood stump where the sun was shinning perfectly inside. We nestled in but then the cloud children were playing Hide and Go seek so sometimes we were blanketed in sun and sometimes the warmth was covered up by the cloud children.  No matter she and I had a good time scrapping the burnt redwood tree and discovering the shimmering black that came into our hands. We painted our nails and shared stories together until the others came back looking for us.
It was finally time to walk back. Cattails became horses to ride on and off we went back to our Bus all the while finding treasures and fun and Egrets to appreciate and enjoy all the way back.   Layton was mesmerized by the white birds that we were so close to.  Her awe of them was invigorating and enlivening to be apart of.
It was just a simply beautiful, and very peaceful day had by each one.