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Waning Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Theron was out sick today, Velia had a hard night and met us there at about 11 am and Michelle needed to meet us at Roy’s Redwoods as well.
The days over all picture:  easeful, sweet, explorative, creative and cold the first part of the day.
We celebrated Julians 5th birthday with wonderful cupcakes, grapes and carrots that diminished their lunch needs and expanded their joy of taking in such a fun treat.  Julian seemed happy with his story and gift though said little and smiled sweetly.
At the beginning of the day Julian, Enzo, sometimes Nico and Eland, Michelle’s son, were having a grand time building and building and building a structure they have been playing with since the first day we went to this place.  And oh yes, today at Roy’s we went to the lower site near the porta potties.   The girls were very busy with their games of family too.  After circle and exploring up the hill to find a great tree cave!!! we packed up and made our way into and on an adventure.  But again, oh yes, there was a lot of making sure we got warm clothing on and I am very happy to say they have been doing GREAT!!! with handing me there mittens when they take them off so that we don’t loose them.  The girls are even gaining more and more skill with accepting  mitten’s that are not the color that they would prefer!
As we walked the children were not sure where they were along this trail and they looked for familiar landmarks.  I re oriented them to the sound of the cars, where we parked, they pointed in the diretion of where the bus was, were correct and they felt safer.  Then, they found some familiar ground, we found a spot that they found last time, squatted down to eat, the sun came pouring out on us and all was sweet!!!
Michelle took the girls today on the daily poop party and on this day they were DELIGHTED to dig their very own holes for the poop.
Enzo, Julian, Eland and I stayed and carved with knives, rocks and vegetable peelers, some sticks that I needed carving.
When all were back I read some stories. We then had to pack up and find our way back as well as look about to see if we could find my missing knife.  We never found my knife but we did find our way back.  We also had a little more time so we played Little Tommy Tittle Mouse, made our way into the bus and back to our park!

Waxing Cresecnt Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

A truly wonder filled day.  Each day of late they are eating more and more and settling down and in more and more.  There is much continued learning with sharing: sharing desires of how to play a game, sharing a branch, sharing a sacred home/play spot, sharing food, where to sit and who to play with….. They are doing great and working it out and learning as all young children were born to do.
We went back to the same place because, due to the story that I read to them on Tues and their reaction, it felt right to be able to introduce the story about Little Mole.   Little Mole is a true story ( I watched a nature show about this years and years ago) about how little moles when they are born are taken down the long tunnel and caves of their home to go pee and poo far away from where they dwell.  From this story I bring the children into a blind walk where I tie a rope around trees and a natural area.  The children then get blind folded, if they wish, and, without letting go of the rope, feel their way through this trail to where they can “pee and poo!”
The first to do this course was Ariel, then Velia and then Hana. How they really LOVED it!  It is always so fun to watch how each child embraces this  game.  Later in the day Everett and Theron played. Everett did it with out a blind fold twice finding safety in being able to open his eyes at will.  Theron made it without the blind fold about 1/4 of the way and was delighted with that experience. Everett came back two more times and the last time he put the blind fold on.  Julian didn’t want to do it until close to the end of the day at which point he seemd to really enjoy this.  Thea put the blind fold on but looked under the whole way and zoomed through. Nico did not try and lets see, I think I got them all!
In the midst of all of this, Michelle took a wild and wonderful adventure with the boys through the Forest.  How they benefit from this so very much! They were thrilled from the adventure and the freedom of space and time.   All but Theron and Everett played on the bouncy tree on and off throughout the day, taking turns with great delight.
There was another exploration and they all found this wonderful new place up a hill behind us where they had to climb over big fallen logs, climb up the side of hill over rocks and it was adventuresome and fun.
We had a story time at about 12:30 where I read some stories from the Old Golden Guide books of my childhood. They are such sweet,gentle  and pure stories which the children became engrossed in.
When the day was over we brought them back to the bus and there they got to pet a taxidermed mole that past Tender Trackers found in the middle of the trail.  I took it home, put it in my freezer and many years later had it taxidermed.


Day after new Moon
Roys Redwood

Cool but not hot, not too soft and not too hard, playing in childcentered way, finding the treasures in each moment, being excited with all that is presented….that was the jist of the day.
Roy’s Redwoods where the “cathedral” Redwood grove is is one of the most perfect “school rooms” and play yard nature can provide.  It has a great bouncy swing that they go back and forth too, many play houses to play with, materials to build with, throw with, draw with, plants to gather and explore, animals to try and catch and pet/lizards, areas that are sunny and areas that are cold and contained and on and on.  Truly what better school house could there be?!
Watching them play with all that is offered to them there is such a joy to watch as they unfold.  They went straight back to the “eggs” that they laid and were caring for last week and back to the houses they were building and creating.   When we got there our circle area was just the way they left it and they came right into circle.  Michelle was mostly leading it today with a snack she brought and a story that she read and I led the songs and lit the candle.  It was a joy to do this together.  My appreciation for Michelle is grand.
Today we wanted to make pillows so we brought everything down to do so and what happened is that they actually wanted “treasure pouches.”  So, that is what we sewed. They found sticks that I could saw in order to make buttons out of and Michelle and I sewed their pouches.  Enzo loved his pouch so much that not only did he not let go of it for two hours but he  somehow the button dissappeared!
There was a lot of climbing on the trees and Julian wound up falling down from a high place and landing just right. He liked it so much that he wanted to do it again and Theron did to. Enzo followed, Thea too.   And there was A LOT  of eating going on straight away.  The last two weeks they have been chowing down to where we don’t have enough snack and neither do they have enough lunch in their lunch boxes!
Lately by 12:30 there is a decline in comfortable co playing and a story seems to be just the thing to settle them down, come in and then be ready to move out again. So, that is what happened again today.  I read them a book that Michelle brought while she was off we a few of the children.  I love watching how one by one they come on in to hear as their interest gets piqued.
After the story and by the end of the day most were finding and trying to catch Lizards with Michelle on a log that was out in the sun. Theron, Julian and Nico were working on pushing a log all the way from the Redwood grove out to the field in order to see if they could make a bridge from one part of the Lizard log to another. Thea, Velia, Hana and Ariel were having a glorious time gathering flowers and at snack time we drank yerba buena tea from the Yerba Buena that they all harvested right there last week!
It was truly a very fun day and engaged day.