Waning Moon- two days after Full Moon
Nicasio land

Everyone arrived in lovely spirits.  We sang a new song about little beings coming out from under the earth:
Five little ones lived beneath the ground, One climbed out and went to town
Listen to his story he was feeling rather shy, snap, snap clap, he turned into a butterfly.

Four little ones…she needed to be free…she turned into a Bumble bee.

Three little ones….he sang a little chant…he turned into an Ant.

Two little ones…she needed a hug…she turned into a Lady Bug.

One little one…he sat beneath a log…he turned into a Frog. Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet, SPLASH!!!!!
A very lovely little song.

I invited them to use their ears and close their eyes to hear a sound I was going to make and to point to where it came from and guess what it was.  Aero didn’t want to close his eyes and the second time around Purnat and Bodhi looked before I was finished but we had fun and there was much that they gained.  I invited them into this because we were planning on going to the water’s edge and learn to listen to the Rock People.

When we got there they knew just which way to go to get to the waters.   We went past the fences and they immediately discovered a big old dried mud section with lot’s of Cow tracks.  They delighted in looking at these tracks and climbing all over these dried mud bumps.   But oh, I forgot, before we got out of the bus, they discovered some rope.  I gave them each some rope for their own and they played with these for quite a while happy to each have their own special piece.    As we went up the trail and got on the crest to where we were to begin hiking down to the water, what did we see?  There was so much water that there was no land to sit upon where we used to!!!!! The waters went right up to the Cattails and there was no land and no rocks to be with.  What will we do now?   We walked a little more until we got to a cross road.  One path went down into the woods and the other up to Sun.
Purnat wanted to go to Sun and Bodhi wanted to do whatever Purnat was doing today.  However, Aero wanted to go to the Forest so, I suggested that we go to the Forest first and then up to the Sun second.  As we began our descent what did we see but the side of the hill made of Sandstone/the rocks that break like sand when you hit them.  I brought their awareness to these rocks and we began to experiment and explore them.  They pounded, pulled, created puzzle pieces and then it seemed best not to pull apart the whole side of the hill.  We looked at what would happen if we did by looking at all the plant life above the wall and the roots growing out.  They finished their fun there and down the path we went.

After a time they came upon some area that brought their interest.  Bodhi and Purnat started to dig in a dirt mound they found and Purnat found TWO TUNNELS!!  Gophers? he thought!  They dug and dug and the digging turned into building roads and construction.   It takes very little for these boys to get creative with WHATEVER they come across.
They played and built and pulled and tugged at things for awhile and I gathered Nettles and Clevers.  Their curiosity to what I was doing came about and this was an entry way to bring in awareness through story and game of getting Rabbits for dinner!   I, through story, showed them how to practice target throwing in order to get the rabbits, and use every part of them for food, toys, knives, and clothes.  We made a pretend fire and we made pretend knives and hand drill fire makers.   Aero got a lot of rabbits and Purnat got a lot of fire wood for the fire and Bodhi helped build a lot of the fire!!!   They then moved the fire to a safer location and, on and on this went.

I told several stories during all of this.  They gathered plants to put in with the pretend Rabbit meat for Rabbit hamburgers and we learned much about giving thanks and giving back.  It was finally time to get ready to go but right before Aero wanted to throw a stick. He asked Purnat if it was ok and Purnat said yes but, Aero did not realize the true dimensions of the stick and where it would go and BONK! right on Purnats head.  Tears were had, snuggling was given, tears flowed until they were done, Aero felt poorly and, on his own said he was sorry.  Purnat said he had a very hard head and that he was ok and off we went.  But first, where are we going? How do we get back to the bus?  I brought out my little notebook and Purnat drew a map.  Bodhi wanted to draw but he wanted to draw a map of his treasures, so he did.  Then, Purnat kept the map with him and guided us home.  All along the way they got re interested in the tracks and mud they saw on the way out and then, we made it back.
What a beautiful day and, being in the woods we were cool the entire day, until we LEFT the woods!

Crescent Waxing Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a beautiful, beautiful, true childhood day.   They were alive in play, present moment, curiosity, and spontaneity.
When we got to Roy’s they immediately went down the slope in front of us and were in the mode of memory from past times and then their bodies moved them forward.  We noticed how the water was less where once it was so flowing we could not even get past it without getting wet.  Aero then found “Algae” as Purnat called it, me, “Mermaids Hair,” and Bodhi had some kind of name oh, maybe just “slim!” As we walked down this creek with the Algae that Aero was enjoying carrying and playing with we came across big logs.  All of them had fun walking across them and getting to a big jutting out log that was “A ship” says Aero.  They spoke of cannon balls and the like and then I told them all about the Scottsmen in skirts/kilts who this time of year  compete to see who can throw the “cannon ball” the farthest. And I told them about how they throw tall, tall straight trees like the ones we were climbing on to see who can throw them the farthest.  They were quite intrigued by that and did their best to see how far they could throw some things.  We then continued to scamper across a very big felled Redwood tree and then explore magickal “caves” in the Redwood tree grove right there.   We ate a little snack and heard a story about Why Dragon’s are really here:  To take away all of our fears and bad dreams.

Then off to explore, finding tracks and making tracks.  Aero discovered a WONDERFUL Redwood nook that was so inviting.  We plopped down there and played and played.  They continued to morph into many wonderful things.  I became some odd creature with musing sounds and then Aero and I began talk in this non language, language way.   Purnat found serveral California baby newts and salamanders and Bodhi was excitied to climb, observe, play and create.  I continued to be this little forest creature and started to bury myself and Bodhi was very into this part. The others joined though at first Purnat didn’t want me to be buried.  But then he found the baby California Newt and we all became intrigued with it and where it came from and how to best tend to it.
The day carried on and then Bodhi discovered that we were right near this place where the Wednesday group had come and built a bridge and a beautiful little shelter.  From then on there was all manner of playing in the water, being completely immersed in the sensations of the mud and then, ALL THREE BOYS WORKING COMPLETELY TOGETHER pulling logs all around from here to there to build?  They had varying stories about what they were building and it ebbed and flowed with wonderment and joy.
This day is so hard to track with words because it was so ethereal and, as I started out saying, so in true form to childhood.
We did track and learn more about how to read the trees, the sky, the weather the clouds and……..

Just a MAGICKAL day!!!

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Computer back in business here. YEAH!!!
Today each one of the boys came with divergent energies.  Purnat began with really wanting to stay with Mom, Bodhi was into his words “NEVER” and “Kill, kill, kill” ( more sharing about that down the page) and Aero it seemed was on a bit of an Easter day sugar drop as he would say “can we just sit here and watch…” anything to watch, just sit and watch.  Well, lucky for Aero, today was some controlled burning at the Lakes and we DID sit for a while and watch the Fire Men gather and pull together debri and what not for burning.  They were very friendly Fire Men and talked with us at the beginning and the end of the day and were just friendly and welcoming in general.  We found out that they were burning some of the Green Doug Firs because those Tree’s take over areas and push out the Oaks and all other growing things.  I did not know this.  I always experienced them as rather benevolent beings. Well, maybe they are and they just are quite comfortable growing where and when they like!

Aero wanted to eat rather early and the others had no trouble with that so after starring at the fire for a while and hearing a few stories from me, we found another place by the water to sit, eat, hear more stories and listen to the INCREDIBLE grunts of the Comorants, look around to see if there were any frogs about and explore the little area we were in.  But after a bit of eating they got drawn back into watching the fire.  We did the same kind of thing and then made our way away from there down the trail and to another more open area.    There we stayed and discovered many wonders of the pond, how to make underwater clouds, making  telephones in the water, ( concentric rings), making pretend fires and fire pits, finding spiders, learning why spiders eat flies and….MORE STORIES!

Bodhi was really into “Kill, kill, kill.”  He only wanted to kill the people that he didn’t know.  Often times it is easy to get worried about this type of language.  However, when looking more closely it is telling of something that is living within him.  There is something that he doesn’t want. He doesn’t want it so much that he has utilized what he knows about the word Kill, and wishes that which is uncomfortable to be gone via the knowledge of , kill.  A brilliant and healthy reaction.  Adults job, help him embrace and move through the discomfort.    So, I spent a lot of playful time exploring his world and what it would be like if all these unknown people were gone.  The story Peter Pan and Captain Hook came up from it and from there it all became quite playful and we were all laughing at the silliness of it all.  In the world of Play Therapy one goes far more into following the child’s theme as a way of understanding their world. It’s like a dream which is a world full of symbology waiting to be discovered and understood in order to allow greater unfoldment for the dreamer.

We finally needed to go and I wanted to allow some extra time so that they could see if the fire was still burning, as we wanted to do at the beginning.  Aero got some energy so he and Bodhi ran up ahead.  We then stayed with the Firemen who were eating their lunch and talked again with them for a bit then went on to explore all the Orange cones that were down below in the forest.  I would put my ear up to them and you could hear water rushing.  Aero followed.  Bodhi was onto other things and Purnat was exploring areas like the waterfall with me.    We finally made it to the bus and laughed with fun stories all the way back. And oh yes, we ate fresh young spring Doug Fir shoots.  They are DELICIOUS and filled with Vit. C!