Day 3
Day after New Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a very fun and beautiful day.  We meet at the gate and there they sat to eat.  The loud “Metal Monsters” (cars) would zoom by and Benny let us know most times with great exuberance and joy when they went by.  They were involved in eating so it seemed a good time to just sing our welcoming song and hear the story that would lead us into magickal adventures.

The story was about two children that learned about Fairies that help our plants and gardens grow and how we can work together to make the Earth so beautiful.  The Fairies left them some wonderful “Fairy rings” at our spot but, before that, there was a trail of white rice that aided us in finding our way to our spot.  They followed the trail and lost the trail then found it again but, before we got there what did Benny and Leo find on the trail? a very tan colored creature that Sidona swore was a Praying Mantis and it did appear so.  I tried to catch it but it was so aggresive with it’s ability to jump AT what was trying to catch it that I laughed and laughed as I flew backwards.  It kept going in the grass that it blended in so well with and the children tried to catch it too but we all finally just watched it for awhile and then carried on. That was a real treat for me though! It was beautiful.

Simone found the last part of the trail with the rice and then we made it to our magickal Redwood Fairy ring.  And what was there but Fairy circles to discover wonders all around us.  These circles are just that, circles wrapped in soft yarn.  They can be put on the ground and the children can look more closely to find treasures. They weren’t exactly familiar with how to use this even though the story guided them thru so I played out some ways to be with these gifts: put a stick in the ground and try to throw them over it or make a wish to see wonderful magickal fairy worlds, close your eyes and throw it  and then see what you can find .

Simone and Sedona really liked this one. Simone was beautiful to see how she went right into such a beautiful child space where she closed her eyes and made the most radiant and authentic wish and then THREW the ring.  Sure enough she DID find magickal little beans under the duff in the ground where her ring was.

As the children were exploring, climbing and playing I brought out some soaked Cat Tail leaves and began making rope for “nature books” that I brought for them to write what they find from their explorations and Fairy ring journeys.

They helped make the cordage or at least they wove it into the book holes to hold the book together. Then I cut out the charcoal from the tree we have been getting charcoal from and made them “pencils” to write with.  Benny wondered why they didn’t look like the pencils he was familiar with but then he said, “oh, Nature pencils” and was content.

Leo discovered this wonderful log was was GREAT for balancingand playing on.  He and Benny ( who said he really likes to be called Benny and it was ok for me to call him that.) were really into shooting with guns and Leo told me how his Dad can shoot the rats that get into, oh dear I can’t remember now what, at home.  Well, I AM impressed that his Dad can shoot a running rat!

I thought it might be nice to bring some focus to their imaginary gun play as well as explore what they actually were shooting so I brought them into the world of the Mighty hunters that bring the food back to the people, always give thanks to the animal for giving of itself and eating last after bringing it home to their “people.”  The girls had made a pretend fire to cook the Deer they brought back. Benny REALLY liked all of this and the two of them later came back with water guns which they then cleaned the skin that the girls had brought back from their imaginary bow hunting expedition.  Sidona really wanted to hunt as well.

Simone painted me all up with charcoal, we balanced on lots of logs and Sidona climbed way up into a tree and was quite delighted with herself for being able to be there.

They really liked being in the bus and having the stuffed animals and played with them in imaginary games all the way back.

Another lovely day.  Thank you!

The children came in fine spirits and Leo wanted to eat straight away under the shelter that is there at the picnic tables.  However, the yellow jackets were quite excited for a potential participation in their meals and, the children were NOT!  So they took a few bits and then off we went to find friendlier grounds to eat.  But first,  “Where is the sun?” I asked, and “Which way do we all wish to go?”.  The children closed their eyes, turned round and round and then pointed to the direction they felt their bodies, minds and hearts wished to go.  Most were in the same direction and off we went.  We only got a few paces when there was a very inviting Redwood tree that could be climbed in and up to and explored. Then there was another and then there were feathers found and interesting leaves. But oh my, what did our ears bring to us?  Some kind of graceful music and that we searched out only to find a beautiful little waterfall coming below another wonderful Redwood tree.  Up we went, past here and onto a trail.

We found ourselves at the dam part of the lake and watched the ducks and Comorants and discovered beautiful yellow buttercups and wild mint.   Singing along we went down the path until Ben discovered a beautiful opening with a bench that lured him into the thought of a great place to eat and Sedona remembered seeing frogs here with her family.

There we stayed very peacefully eating, telling stories, quietly, quietly trying to sneak up and/ or find frogs, discovering beautiful plants and hearing stories.  It was most peaceful, calm and unifying especially for that time of day.  Between 1 and 3 is what can be called the “Laying close to the Earth time.” It is a time when all of nature takes naps (2 to 4 typically but we were very close to that hour). So there we were, being very, natural.

They finally finished eating and our resting appeared complete so they ran up the hill and down the path to find other marvelous adventures.

Simone and I were in the back holding hands and noticing so many plants, while Leo, Sedona and Ben ran ahead.  There was a fork in the road and Sedona and Ben took the high road.  Simone and I caught up with Sedona and Leo and went down the lower road but, WHERE WAS BEN?!!!  He took the high road and I called him back.  There was a gentle conversation about having us stay together or at least within sight and hearing so back on the trail we went, together with more unity of this new group in place.

We didn’t get far when we came across another beautiful Redwood burnt out log of interest so we explored but then, “Can’t we go further??”” There was not much time but I said we could go for five more minutes to see what we will see.  We didn’t get very far here because we came across “Wish baby seeds” ( Thistles loosing their fluffy seeds.)  We made wishes, played with them and then they wanted to gather the dried Snake weed that they called “cacoons.”   Simone had a hard time gathering them so Sedona went to help but wasn’t too successful so I went to help and then they all had their “cacoons” and off we went.

I started to sing “you are my sunshine” in response to something that was said and Leo, Ben and Sedona thought that was stupid or babyish.  However Simone loved it and wanted to sing it so, with an honoring of their dislike yet a request to share their desires with gentleness, they agreed and Simone and I went ahead and sang quietly yet enthusiastically enough to satisfy all.

We had to figure out which way to get back and notice landmarks. Some were clear on this others not and mostly their was the challenge of working together to find our way.

We did, we came back, we had a good bye circle and thank you’s and then, off they went.

A very beautiful second day I believe.