Job Application

Currently, there are no jobs available. Please do check in now and again as we are always working towards expansion.

Thank you for your interest in this type of work.

About This Questionnaire

Dear Applicant:

Currently no jobs are available, but when they are, there is a lengthly job application to fill out. Take your time and fill it out as accurately as you are able.

We are interested in many things about you as this job is for those who are on a path of self development and supporting young ones in their development towards deepening their relationship to their nature, nature of group and to Nature itself.

This is a job for those who have joy and passion for little children AND the natural world.

You MUST be someone who has a passion for the natural world and being in it. You must be someone who has the kind of relationship with the earth, dirt, rain, heat, and the many variations of Earth conditions that you do not run away from, avoid nor cower at these things. You may have your preferences, as we all do, yet you have a deep abiding relationship with the earth that enables you to navigate your discomforts without loosing an extreme amount of inner balance.

You also must be some who values and has, as their practice, loving kindness, and believes in supporting little ones in their ability to find a healthy relationship with Earth, Sky and all who dwell therein.

Please, enjoy your journey with this application and what you wind up writing down. The interview process is in-depth.

If, per chance, you are simply looking for an interesting, short lived job, a paycheck, or you want this process to be fast, simple and to get paid for the interview process, these are clues that this is not the job for you.

If however, you still are interested after reading thus far, we do look forward to reading what you will share here. We will take great care and pleasure with reading about you!

Wendolyn & Staff