Michelle Sauceda

Co-Teacher for 4/5 year-old Program 2016/2017

Michelle is a loving Mother, Naturalist, Auntie and Mentor to youth of all ages in connection to nature, self, community and place. She carries a love of life, love of this beautiful creation, love of friendship, and a knowing that children are magical beings.

Being a mother has helped inspire and ground her in the ways of tending to the rearing and development of the “whole child.” These ways help cultivate a loving space for each child to blossom into their brightest self. She is committed to fostering deep listening, curiosity, and gratitude for one another and all of creation amongst the youth she mentors.

Drawing on her life experiences she connects youth of all ages deeply with nature through the sharing of stories, play, laughter, games, music, medicine making, wild edibles, all in balance with the rhythms of nature.

Michelle worked for the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement as a nature awareness instructor where she spent 5 years in the field with youth and staff practicing primitive skills, wildcrafting, music making and nature awareness skills. She is a graduate of the IONA (Institute of Nature Awareness) and RDNA (Regenerative Design Nature Awareness) programs where she gained skills for cultural mentoring, nature awareness, and the skills for building healthy resilient communities. Michelle is proud and thankful for the years of peacemaking teachings and practice she has learned from Paul Raphael.

Michelle also facilitates youth and adults in marking key transitions of life through rites of passage work. She has been blessed to spend years being mentored by a number of indigenous elders, who have helped guide her into the facilitation of potent and loving ceremonies that provoke the deep introspection and vulnerability needed for powerful transformations to occur.

She now lives in Sebastopol, living in a co-housing community, continuing to be a peacemaker in practice, Cultural Mentor, herbalist, tender of the wilds, and mother of two blossoming naturalists, Nayela and Eland, who keep her ever present to the unfolding natural mysteries of life.

Michelle Sauceda