Simple Nature Connection Games

Weather Watcher

  • Go on a walk together and find a stick about your child’s arms length.
  • Take the same or different adventure to find a feather about 3 to 6 inches long.
  • When you find the two, tie a 6- to 8-inch string to the top of the stick and attach the feather to the end of the string.
  • Every day, any time of day, have your child go out the front/back door, hold the stick out and see if the wind blows it.
  • Questions to ask when they come back in:
    • Was the feather flying high? Low?
    • Where any leaves in the trees blowing?
    • Where there any clouds in the sky?
  • You can even make a chart in the kitchen for this or have them come in and draw what they saw before breakfast, after school, before dinner.
  • You can make a special Weather Watcher book.
  • This is supposed to be VERY fun so no pressure. It does not matter if they do it “right.” It is simply about going out with the intent to notice and then you ask gentle questions. Curiosity is what is most important from the child and from you as the one asking the questions.

How many colors are we eating?

  • Every time you eat, before you put the food in your mouth, everyone take a fun moment to notice how many colors you are eating.
  • Did you see any of these colors in the trees, plants, birds, animals, or anything else from nature today?
  • Maybe find the same colors in your clothes and wear those colors to match your food.
  • Go on a color walk down the road and count how many different colors you find in nature beginning with your front yard.
  • You can even do this while rushing to the car while you are late to get somewhere. “Who can find red in a tree, bush or animal by the time we get to the car?” 🙂

It’s All about fun, play and ease.

child smelling a flower

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