Questions for the month:

What do you want most from your teaching interactions with the children?

What do you want to feel?  What sensations do you want to experience throughout your days with the children?

What or is there anything that you want from the children?

How would you like them to experience the natural world via your participation with them?


Allow yourself ample time, 15 min. if possible, and in a non distracted place to settle down, settle in and be very comfortable in order to take a little meditation journey into some of your memories.

• Go back in time to when you were a young child in your first school experience or any first experience that shows up in your
meditation.  Find the adult that was supportive and loving to you at that time.  Find the one that you felt most drawn to.

• Notice as much as you can with: Your surroundings, smells, visuals of the people, place, weather,sounds
Take your time and notice your feelings: happy, sad, mad
Notice your sensations

• Journal for at least five minutes about this experience

• Notice if this meditation impacts your experience in any way at Tender Tracks or with other children

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