Each day after being with the children allow yourself about 10 to 30 minutes to sit with and journal about your experience.

Below are some guided suggestions that will support your experiences of the day.

First, find a spot either inside or outside that you can get comfortable, relaxed and have a sense of ease.  Close your eyes and go inward.

Make room for all your senses to be awake and present. Then, ask yourself this question…

1.What was nourishing today?


Spend some time with this. With your minds eye scan the day. As you do, notice if any thoughts, feelings, images, sensations or memories arise.  Stay with those as long as you like and then journal when you are finished.

Continue doing the same thing for the next question.


2. What was not nourishing today?


Go back inside and scan the day. Notice if any thing, place, feelings or situations with the child(ren) come to mind and ask yourself..

3.  What do  I know about what I am skilled at?

What do I know about what I feel unskilled at?



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