Playing with Noticing

Here is a very simple game that first you play with yourself and, if your child is old enough, you can play it the way it is shared here, with them. You then take this outside to all of your nature adventures and see what arises from doing something a little different.

And, I have a wish too for us all: May we all allow ourselves to soak up Summer’s warmth and slower pace so deeply that we can lean into it during the darker times of the year when warmth and ease are not always so readily available.

Playing with noticing

  1. Below are some photos of summer fun, summer sun, summer treasures. Before you take a full look at these pictures:
    • Sit still and take a moment to breath 1 to 3 easy breaths
    • Breath without thought
  2. Then, take your time, look at one photo at a time:
    • Notice what thoughts, sensations, feelings, memories arise
  3. Do the same for each photo
  4. Then, take another set of 1 to 3 breaths allowing your experience to settle in and then go about your day.
  5. Now, when you are having fun with your child outdoors, watch them experience their way of being with the sand, water, grass, pool, or any other adventure you are taking outdoors. Notice how they think, feel or sense their time with sand, wind, water, earth, stone, grasses, etc.
  6. Do you notice their presence in their experiences? If they are complaining can you slow them down a little bit by inviting them to really feel, smell, taste, and hear what they are having fun or no fun with???

Reason behind this?

  1. To create more ability to be in the present and to notice what feels good, what doesn’t, and what you like, don’t like and are neutral about.
  2. To develop a deep relationship with nature, with anything, requires slowing down and truly experiencing it. To really be with something is no longer so common, yet, it is REALLY FUN when we give ourselves freedom to take small moments to do so.

This can be done anywhere, anytime, with anything. It is a Door Way to fun for you and fun for your children. It is about slowing down just a bit and truly receiving the simple pleasures of a moment, of a season.

starfish on sand

beach cave




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