Palo Tender Tracks Day 38, Feb. 21, 2012

New Moon
Pichetti Open Space Preserve

Anjalie’s birthday celebration today and Alexi was absent.
The energy today was a bit wild, up, yet with an ability to focus and stay present. There was great creativity and wonderful diverse groupings throughout the day:
Paul & Kashi- in the bus joyfully playing with their stuffed animals
Gracey and Jasper- in the bus playing with their stuffed animals
Gracey, Lucy and Anjalie- playing at a log at Pichetti
Paul and Gracey- at the log
Audrey and Bodhi-going on airplane type adventures at Pichetti
Wendolyn and Gracey- sharing the explorations of a plant at Pichetti
All the children working together to move a big board so that Lucy’s toy Gerbel could run along it.
There were many other combinations but these are the ones that are sticking out in my mind at present.

For circle we had the traditional Birthday tale that is always slightly different for each one and then,  the Tender Tracks Traditional present. After that we were blessed with very yummy scones made by Amy and Anjalie.  They were gobbled up and Anjalie seemed quite happy with her birthday and especially her birthday stone.  All Birthday children get the opportunity to pick where they would like to go for the day and she, with great clarity, chose Pichetti. She said that she was there with her family the day before and they did not find any California Newts but that she really wanted to go there so, off we went.  No one would complain about this because everyone loves it there.   The bus was filled with the children playing together in groupings and with the group in a very different yet lovely way.
When we got there the Peacock was sitting upon the fence with it’s new growth of tail feathers.  Gracey was delighted to have gotten so close to it.  Lucy wanted to run straight to see if the chickens were still there and then there was the group awareness of the Peacock and all attention went over there. Then, there was the walk and run, to the pond.  Off they ran and Bodie was very happy because he had his “running ” shoes on.  Paul thought that his rain boots were just as efficient as Bodies running shoes and  both were quite happy with  how they were moving about in the day in their shoes!

Jasper was very into a fighting type of day.  Or, how can I describe this, it seemed like a classic 4/5 year old day of exploring power and might.  He, Paul, Kashi and Giulio were very into shooting on a makeshift tetter totter. And, the shooting was at ME!!!!  Well, as is always the case, wonderful metamorphosis took place as I was shot down. And as always happens, the minute I recognize and honor their great power and strength the games shift, mellow and morph.  And so it was.

Gracy, Anjalie, Paul and Lucy went to the other side of the pond to play on the wooden house structure there and to see if there were any Newts about.  They played there for quite sometime and I over heard Lucy and Anjalie playing games of being rabbits and running and being caught and running and things like that. Bodie was having a fine time with Audrey playing airplane and some other riding thing.  He came over quickly to me to tell me of their journey and then fled quickly to go back.  When all the children got together to put a long plank/board up on the tree to make a more usable plank for the gerbal, Bodie wanted them to move over because this was his special area.  We did and he became content again.

The children played on that plank in many ways and truly it was a most beautiful sight to see how they worked together. At first they wanted me to come over and help them move it again yet I suggested they use all their might together to see what they could do. Sure enough, working together they accomplished just what they had invisioned.  Yeah!!!

For a day that was so very , very rich I am finding my words few here.  I can see the peace, ease and beauty in my mind yet find little words to describe all the comings and goings.  Each one of the children brought their personality, energy and gifts to the day.
Giulio was so engaging with all and more verbal than usual with much interactions. He has grown so much. Lucy’s caring heart and consideration for others is truly blossoming. Gracey is more introspective and sensitive of late. Jasper, is and has been filled with being “a man” and mighty.  Kashi, mellowing and expanding his social awareness.  Bodie, quiet, playful, inclusive, clear and alive. Anjalie, maturing, settling, softening and expanding.   Paul, very brilliant and clear minded with the best sense of humor around.

Packing up was a bit challenging for Jasper, Kashi, Giulio and Paul but, we were able to get them going and off we went and, made it back in good time. Wow!  We became fast Lizards and what fun they had running down the trail with “Lizard legs!”
Of course, in the bus that was quite hot, they stripped down to the bare minimum as they have been wont to do.
However, I am a bit of stickler with where they put their clothes and not inclined to have them thrown all over the place so a bit of a discusssion about where to put clothes, shoes and the like on the bus when this need to strip down takes place.  And so, some kind of order was had and, off we went with joy and continued exuberance.


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