Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday Sept. 19, 2012

Foothill Park-The Island
Waxing Crescent Moon
Day 3

Today we were blessed with our new friend Harper.  She is a wonderful new addition to our group.  As we were ending the day and about to get off the bus she said ” I don’t  want to go home.”   Well, that is a good sign.  Davey was a very happy camper all day too accept when it was time to go home. For the first time, he was very, very unhappy and DID NOT want to get on the bus.  He wanted to stay too.  Well, a good sign too that the day’s pleasures are being fully embodied.  Misha was alive, vibrant, and for a long time sat on the edge of the bridge at the Island just looking into the pond as Mindy unobtrusively held his shirt just incase his nimble body took a spill into the water. Jasper had Daddy stay at circle until just the right time for him to say good bye to him and then Jasper settled into a very fine and joyful day.  Juliet’s confidence, ease and playful spirit infused Tender Tracks with much fun as she ran all over the Island playing hide and go seek games and discovering the gifts of the Island.   Julian’s caring heart is so ever present as he always makes sure that who ever is the last on our walk is not left too far behind. As we walked back to the bus at the end of the day Misha was easefully strolling on back while I was with him and Harper.  We stopped at times to wait for Misha but I could tell that Julian was a bit concerned.  I asked if he would like to take Misha’s hand and he gladly ran back to get him.  The two of them walked hand in hand all the way back to the bus.  Julian was very happy to have Misha sit next to him too on the way home.  Zara had a great time running all over the Island and giving her Lion type of roar.  ‘But where could she be?’  Roarrrrrring we heard, then found her and there she was, ready  to play and run and do it all over again.  Duncan is finding his place in the group and spending a bit more time with Audrey, I and the other children with ease instead of just Mindy and Serena.  He seemed very peaceful, fun, alive and happy.

The story of the day was about how Squirrel figured out how to find his nuts that he buries, By Smelling!  I am playing some peaceful instruments, today the Kalimba, to bring in not only the story but ease and peacefulness at the beginning of the day.   It seems to be working.

When we got to the Island there was much smelling of plants, slipping down the mound that we sat on for lunch, howling like Coyotes with Audrey so that we could find each other in many rousing games of Hide and go Seek.  They all had such fun going over the bridge to the Island and climbing on the rocks and Willow tree there.

They were all  full of spunk and exuberance as they explored this new terrain and can now call it one of our Tender Tracks homes.


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