Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday Sept. 18, 2013

Day 3
Waxing Crescent Moon
Wunderlich Park

The Sun was up, the wind was low and the children were big with voices, fun, exuberance, openness and care one to the other.
Three year olds are a delight to the world I truly believe.  Their truth and honesty is to be greatly respected.
They came into the bus with readiness and, after stuffies, off we went.  The great question was, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  “Well,” I said,( many different things actully but…) do you still hear the bus on?”  “Yes” they said.  A bit later the question again, and the reply ” our drive is this long, showing a space between two fingers, and we will be there in this much time, showing the fingers closer together.”  When we got there, and before the bus was shut off , they all listened  and then… the bus shut off and “Are we here yet?”  I asked.  “YYYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!” they all said.   And we got to see beautiful horses right as we got there!
We made a little circle and had songs, story and snack.  They were present and content the entire time.  As we sat there there was a BEAUTIFUL Black and White horse that was escorted by.  They were very curious as to where it was going and what it was going to do so we watched and watched and saw and saw.  It was being run around in circles just for a little bit and then brought back to some other barn.    Then more horses were taken in to the ring.  When we cleaned up Natalie, Anissa, Hailey, Nareya and Dahlia all carried the basket filled with our snack and dishes to the bus aided by Bosch.  They carried it by themselves the whole way though!!!   The rest of us were making sounds like horses and moving around like them.  Then, off we all went down the trail but, along the way we saw more horses, horse poop, tickling plants and Rattle Snake weed that makes rattling sounds. Then, we found the Refrigerator Forest and felt the warm air get cooler and the sky grow darker because the trees were covering us so.
We made it to a wonderful Redwood spot, dropped our back packs and settled in for the rest of the day with play, exploration, climbing trees, playing Hide and Go Seek, running from Giants and things of this nature.   There were many people that walked by that just loved seeing the children at play and one set of people I actually knew!
Natalie got a cut that Hailey immediately brought out her first aid kit and helped her.  Natailie helped Anissa climb a tree. Emme climbed up and down this big felled tree, fell her self, cried, then got right back up to do it again.  Eric was coughing throughout the day and rested yet played and really had a good time with Bosch in the Redwood Trees little nest and Jasper LOVED playing Hide and Seek NOT Hide and Go Seek!  Dahlia was calling for me throughout the day to “Look! Look!” while she was often playing in the tree nest with Bosch, Nareya and a whole on going change of children.  Auroa LOVED playing with Bosch and being swung around. Though she speaks little words she is strong, loves to run, play and has a great LAUGH!
Nareya was a bit tired and sensitive today so I cuddled with her on and off and, she really, really, really, liked counting for Hide and Seek and then finding me or others.
One of the most treasured moments/authentic, was when Dahlia had a stick that, very unfortunately, caught Haileys face a bit.  The treasured authentic part was her absolute innocence when Hailey was crying, I was hugging her and she said, But I was a Mean Koala bear.”  She really knew that mean Koala bears DO these sorts of things and was in a bit of a conundrum here.  She was being a very classic young preschooler in her emotional world.  Hailey however was hurt and got much love as well as Dahlia. At lunch time the question asked was if anyone likes getting sticks in their faces.  They all agreed they did not and then all of them, one by one, said that they also thought it was a good idea to play with sticks pointed towards the ground.  Jasper however REALLY liked the stick next to his own face and Natalie had to think about this for a bit . Both took their time, and said that playing that way might work.  I do not hold three year olds to this, I only like to verbalize it so we can have it like a good solid book mark to become our helper and reminder.
Going back to the bus was sweet and fine though it did take a little longer then needed in order to get back on time.

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