Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday November 7, 2012

A walk to the Jr. Museum Zoo
Third Quarter Moon
Day 10

Misha was absent.
Today was a day to explore the fall colors falling from the trees and to see what wonders of the natural world were right where we live.  We were lead into this by way of a story called “How Fall Trees Got their Colors.” With the story as our guide we began our long journey to the Jr. Museum.  On our way we found rainbow colored trees and so many different shapes and sizes!  This truly was such a wonder.  And the textures, well we found a great variety of that along with different fragrances on each plant and flower.
We came across the three legged cat that has lived in this area for a very long time.  However, in all the years that I have taken children on this walk never has this three legged cat followed us.  But, on this day, it seemed to love your children and it followed us three quarters of the way there!   It is a very cute and a very pettite cat that looks like a kitten but is not.  Some of the children were actually able to pet it and that was their great delight!
When we finally got to the museum we ate out side on the logs there.  There were several bathroom runs and playing in the hiddey hole stump there.  Finally we became one big caterpillar and made our way in.  But Duncan REALLY did not want to be a caterpillar AT ALL and wanted to be free to roam inside this little museum that we were walking THROUGH, not staying in.  But no worries, through it we made our way and out into the fresh air . There we played  in the midst of all these wonderful animals being wide awake for us to see.  The children had so much fun running around looking at the Bats, the turtoise, and looking for the raccoons and bobcats.  The rats were a delight to see along with the Geese in the water and the rabbits near by.  They found the statues of the Bob Cats in a wonderful little hidden grove where you can even go down a bushy tunnel like a cat and hide in there.
The days energy had a slight aire of unsettledness yet that was more when we were walking home and fatigue of their small little bodies walking a long way came to the forefront.    Half were with Mindy and the other half with me.  Mindy said that some of her troopers just sat down and said they couldn’t go.  So waiting and resting a bit took place.  There was a fair amount of peeing today too. And all day they found lovely leaves, beautiful animals, trees that were so tall we had to lay down and look up and the magick of a long walk.
Mindy said she knew a shorter way back so off we went.  I wasn’t sure at first but sure enough, I do believe it was.  When we saw the park we gave a big YIPPPPEEE, and some energy came back like a horse to the stable!

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