Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday May 29, 2013

Day 34
One day Before Full Moon
Foothill Park: The Big Meadow

All were here accept Misha.  It was a wonderful day and I had such a good time being with all of your treasures!!!
The bus ride was very sweet coming and going and Mindy was filled with extremely creative, funny and fun stories for the children.   When we got there we went to our circle time and I read them a very old story about a little boy who liked to go fishing and never ever caught a fish until, one day…….. Julian said he knew the story and was still very entranced by it anyway.  The story was our guide to “fishing” at the pond and noticing the many wonders that the pond has to offer.
As soon as we got to the meadow area and “our tree” they put their packs down and went  straight to the pond.   There I found Tule grass which made wonderful fishing poles as well as little boats.  Mindy and I spent a good deal of time making them each boats and then Julian, Juliette and Jasper spent a lot of time gathering little yellow flowers that were all around us.
Everyone was playing all around the pond either fishing, gathering or just simply enjoying the area.  We were surrounded by Redwind Blackbirds that Davey had a a lot of fun watching and noticing their colors, rolly pollies, bugs, Coots in the water, pond plants to catch while fishing, sweet air and so much more.    Julian, after lunch, decided to take a nap so we wrapped him up and then, he really just rested for a very long time! Maybe a half an hour.  Sirena joined him and truly rested while Zara and Harper went in and out and in and out and in out of “resting” while running around and playing.
Zara, Jasper, Davey and Duncan went and gathered Burnt coal like wood to paint not only my face but theirs.  Duncan was really into being a Baby Tiger and me the Mommy Tiger. Zara wanted to be a baby Tiger as well so we played this for a long time.
This was a beautiful last day as the three year old Tender Trackers.  It was sweet, gentle, simple and blessed with tender and refreshing breezes with life surrounding us all.

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