Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday May 15, 2013

Day 33
Waxing Crescent Moon
Foothill Park: The Island

Davey is gone on holiday.  Today we celebrated Serena and Duncan’s birthday and they brought snack gifts for us all:  Hot chocolate from Duncan and home made apple crumble from Serena.  Quite yummy!
But first, when we got in the bus we had a very fun and funny time passing out stuffies, talking about who we are celebrating on this day and off we went, all in wonderful spirits.
When we got there they jumped out and began to play, some went to the bathroom and then we had circle which was so beautiful. They sang, Duncan and Serena passed out their snack gift, we sang our nature Bday song and then we had the story. It is a grand sequential and repetition tale that most caught on to quite well then, off to the Island we went.
As we were walking Duncan pointed out 5 baby mallards swimming very quietly alone and huddled together.
Mindy and I wondered if something untoward had happened to the Mom Mallard.  Not long after that we saw the Mom and Dad Mallards swoop down and go into the water where they met up with their little treasures and swim all around.  All the children sat or stood around watching this beautiful sight.
The day was cold at times, very hot at times and filled with wind blowing cool air at times and then be completely gone.  Julian and Jasper, with Julian the leader, were busy MOST of the day taking care of  ” bad guys.”  I asked them what the bad guys looked like so I could keep an eye out for them.  Julian said they looked like trees and branches that walked.  I thanked them for taking such good care of us and watching out for the bad guys so that we are all safe. They were quite happy with that.  Duncan joined them later on and the three were on missions all day.  I gave them a special call that I would use if I heard or saw any Bad Guys. We praticed the sound, an Owl hoot, and used it at times.  Jasper was VERY delighted with this.   After awhile though the game turned into seeing if they could find me, or me and Zara or? with different sounds. This led right into a lot of Hide and Go seek which the girls LOVED.

For awhile many of them sat with Mindy on a beautiful warm rock over looking the lake.  They were all there peacefully watching the grand show of ducks, wind, water and the underwater forest that many noticed.
During the day we came upon Dragonflies, caterpillars, lizards, poison Oak, wonderful birds, great sticks, Cattails for fishing poles and lot’s and lot’s of adventure and fun.
The Earth and Sky held us most graciously as the children explored and discovered.


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