Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday March 6, 2013

Half Moon
Day 24
Hidden Villa

All were here but Harper.  The Sky went from blue and warm to white puffy clouds and then to gray covering the sky like a blanket with intermittent cold winds.  Basically though the weather was peaceful and easy.  The children were basically like this as well.  It was another sweet day of children who each week grow more and more into their four year old selves. They are all interacting with one another in play, curiosity, dis ease and then back to ease.
Zara’s laugh has grown to be so robust and beautiful like flowers bursting open to the sun in joy.   When she was going to the bathroom Miskha was swinging the door back and forth and she thought that was SOOOO funny!  And when she was walking back with Serena at the end of the day she was laughing and laughing with whatever Serena was saying or doing.
Duncan had the most swirly twirly energy of all and was rolling on and off of many things.   Davey was happily engaged except when he got in the line of Duncan’s swirls and twirls.   Mishka was engaging in play and laughter with many.   Julian was alive, bright and his great sense of humor and understanding of life continues to grow and grow.   Serena has grown greatly as well with her willingness to play with many and be free from Mommies side.  She shares Mindy quite comfortably now and it is so incredible to see all of these changes in the children in such a short amount of time.  Juliet was hungry and tired for the first couple of hours yet when we finally got to lunch, she only ate a little and then was raring to go.  Jasper was delighted when we got to be with the chickens and pigs.
We went on a grand walk to get to the pigs. We came across many mushrooms, miners lettuce and chickweed to pick and eat and then we heard the great big cows MOOOOOO.  There we found such a beautiful baby cow with it’s mother.  It was very playful and curious, just like the children.  We then wound our way to the creek and all the children had such a grand time playing in the water.    Then to the pigs and the chickens.  The pigs were older then I thought  they would be  but they were still fun but really, really stinky!!!  A lot more then usual is why I mention it.    After fun time with them we found an open spot to eat until it was time to go back.
In the bus on the way back there were  great stories being told from most.  Miskha fell asleep and the others had fun pretending that they were for awhile too.  A building game to play in the bus for the ride back.

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