Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday March 13, 2013

Two days after New Moon
Day 24
Martins Creek

All the children were here on this day yet there were many runny noses and coughs.  It has been a challenging year it seems. None the less spirits were high and each week their budding four year old selves grow grander and grander.  The volume on the bus along with laughing at potty words, silly jokes, and just plane goofy playfullness are all signs of healthy four year olds budding along with our early spring.   And, Julian sprouted into a four year old this weekend and today we celebrated with cupcakes he brought that had live and edible plants on them.  I showed them how to eat the flowers but alas, they were more interested in playing with the beautiful plant flowers rather than eating them, accept Miskha.  Julian also brought chocolate milk so once we got to Martins creek I set up circle and there we sang, ate, heard the story of Ferdinand the Bull and I enjoyed the “coincidence” of flowers coming on Julian’s snack along with my planning of Telling Ferdinand the Bull: the Bull who loves to smell flowers!
We sang the special Tender Tracks Nature Birthday song and Julian beamed as we sang it to him. We packed up and made our way up the hill,down the hill and over the water in the creek.
Davey, who is most adept at climbing jumping and the like, led the way and showed everyone how to do this with ease.  Each one were able to jump over the little  creek and then make it up the hill.   They were superb at running ahead and then stopping to make sure we were all together.  Julian was excellent with this.  They knew where to stop too.
When there we dropped our packs and began to explore the water flowing right in front of us.  They explored the wonderful vines that can be used as swings or become horses. They built bridges and damns but, throwing rocks and listening to and seeing what happens when you do, was truly the highlight for many!!!  Harper thought Davey was so strong as he kept picking up VERY LARGE rocks and throwing them in.
Towards the end of the day a group went with Mindy and sat very quietly next to a Redwood tree. There they heard the sweet sounds of the birds and Julian gave thanks to this at the end of the day.
There was much taking off of shoes and socks and going in the water, dealing with mud on hands and feet and clothes and oh dear, what to do and learning exactly what one CAN do.
Serena thought it was very funny to take my hair and ruffle it all up and then half of the kids thought that was really fun too!!!  From that came a grand chase game.   Eating was in and out for some and for others an on going movement.   Davey however is always so very interested in play that it is most difficult to get food inside his happy body.  Zara enjoys the treasures that others have a lot and Harper finally felt her hunger by days end.  Mishka too was interested in others food yet came to a point of enjoying his “Kefir”  and sharing is something that many find much pleasure in.
The day was so beauftiful in this magickal place of Dennis Martins creek and the children were filled with such happiness throughout.  Mindy took some pictures so maybe we will get to see some of those in the near future.
The ride home was filled with happy and silly songs, stories and very wondeful thank you’s for the day.

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