Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday April 3, 2013

First Quarter Moon
Day 26
Coyote Pt. Museum Beach

Mindy, Serena and Jasper were absent today.  Misha’s Mother and Brother came with us in their place.  Misha wanted to go to a beach so this was the only beach I knew about that was close enough for us to go to. However, when we got there he told his Mother that this was actually not a beach because it did not have waves.  This place is actually part of the bay and it’s waves are small. However, it does have sand, rocks, and lot’s of crabs to discover.  When we got there they all ran out and looked at the beautiful water and then ran about.  I set up snack and circle time but was not able to circle them up for very long and I felt no need to insist.  We have never been to a place like this and their enthusiasm and desire to run about and explore seemed far more worthy then songs and a story, for this day.  The snack was out and they ate on and off and we did sing a couple of songs. One was inspired by the Lady Bug that we saw.  Throughout the day we saw many Lady Bugs.
Davey and Julian had a great deal of fun going into the water.  Harper was happy to have her boots on to go into the water.  Juliette changed twice into all the clothes she had so by days end, and back in the bus, I just had to take off the lower layers and wrap her up in a blanket.  She did not mind one bit!  Zara was quite tired today and slow, not her usual self.  Misha was happy to have his Mother and his brother there.   Duncan was FILLED with a great deal of energy and excitment about being in this place.
They played with and around the water for awhile. I then coaxed them over to the rocks to look for crabs and, there were very small ones scurring all about UNDER the rocks.  It did take some keen eyes to see but, we found them.  All the while Davey was so happy being in the water.  Now and again he got sad about his pants being a bit wet.  He kept his shoes on until I took mine off  and then, off his went and it caused no problem until we went walking on harder ground. At that point I just gave him a piggy back ride to where we were headed and he was quite pleased with that.  Juliette really wanted her shoes off too so off they went and it was easy for her.
After the crab search I brought them to a Nature Castle, some great rocks that were good for climbing on and there they climbed.
One of the most beautiful images when all but  two of them were up on the rock was Duncan having his arm wrapped around Julian.  They all just sat there next to one another very happy on their “castle.”
Davey was very hungry by this time as well as the rest so down they came and back to our backpacks we went.   Eating happened but then, so much more play.   Misha’s Mom wound up inspiring a creative process of making a beach forest: sticks in the sand getting decorated with stones and seaweed.  It was BEAUTIFUL!
The children found sticks and made great lines in the sand which I believe was a railroad which I mistakenly stepped on!!!
Other people started coming to the beach.  There was a man and several of his children playing near the water. At  first Harper was curious and went over to them. Then Julian, Davey, and finally Duncan went over and played/ hung around them.
Alas, it became time to leave so clothes needed to be changed, sand to needed to be left behind and a good bye song and thank you’s were had.
A very beautiful day.

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