Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Oct. 31, 2012

Foothill Park-Slippey Sliddey
Waxing Crescent Moon
Day 9

What a sweet and beautiful day.  Zara arrived as a beautiful Lady bug. Julian came as a fabulous cloud and Duncan came with his Grandma and baby brother.  This day was simply alive, bright, happy and peaceful within.   Duncans Grandma and baby brother stayed for circle and he was so happy.  As a matter of fact, during the middle of circle and story half of the children needed to have a “pee party” so off they went. Duncan went to0 and just stayed playing with his Grandma.  He didn’t want to let her go but once he settled into her departure, all was very , very well.
When we got to the park there was another pee party only this time it was to the bathrooms.  No frog was swimming about this time so we just used the bathroom and went back to the few that remained  with Mindy.    Then, off to the SLIPPEY SLIDDEY!
We went through the great Redwood Forest, over the bridge, down the pathway and to the beautiful and sweet smelling Bay leaves and Bay babies that covered the ground, the trees and whose fragrance filled our noses with delight.
Lunches came out but it didn’t take long for Zara to leave food behind and scramble up the hill to slide up and down in her beautiful costume.  One by one all the children made their way up and down this hill and there were many different kinds of choo choo trains both going down the hill but then, Mindy and the children were all lined up on a log going? well, most importantly they were going somewhere and having a GREAT time of it.  I was impressed by how all of them scrambled, one way or the other, up and down this hill. Davey got very creative and went in a way I have never seen any one attempt.   Misha actually went up to the trees first off but it was to pee, not to slip up and down. He then came down to eat all of his lunch.
During times when we were walking it was SUCH A DELIGHT to see how they all had different combinations of holding hands with each other.
It is hard for me to describe the day in great detail.  What I see in my minds eye are so many smiles, laughing, helping one another, climbing, running, falling with laughter, getting up again and doing it all over again.  Jasper was the lead in running down the hill and then throwing himself on the ground and laughing and laughing.   Many shoes had gone off because climbing up this hill without shoes is much easier.  And then there was the “This tickles!!!” as the dirt really does tickle the bottoms of your feet when slipping down the hill.
Sirena was happy to be with me a lot of the time and Mindy was creating her usual magick as evidenced by the way they all topple on her and love to play with her.
In the bus the children had such fun telling stories.  I can’t repeat them as they were funny sounds that each one of them would make for their story and then come out with peels of laughter.  Then Mindy would tell me some Knock Knock jokes and we would laugh and laugh which brought them into trying their hand at Knock Knock jokes!
A day of great fun, ease, laughter and joy.

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