Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Nov. 14, 2012

Foothill Park: The Island
day after New Moon
Day 11

All were here and though the day started with a sky moving towards dark clouds, cold and possible rain, that was just a teaser as, the clouds blew away and clear skies, beautiful full bodied white clouds and blue above surrounding all came to us with kind rays of sun light  warming our bodies.  However, in the shade, we knew that it really was Autumn as the temperatures dropped greatly.
Our circle time was short and gentle with Pumpkin bread pudding and walnuts and a story to lead us into what the intention of the day was: To make gifts for the birds.  More about this further down.
Before story though I had put some walnuts in their shell in the center of circle. Duncan and Davey thought it a grand idea to get them and bury them in the dirt!  I am imagining that this might have been encouraged by a story from a couple weeks ago about how Squirrels bury their nuts and then find them.  I took the ones that they hadn’t taken and showed the others how to try and crack two together  on the board I had with the bottom of my small water bottle.  Harper REALLY went for this and had no trouble cracking it open.  The others had their hand at it too yet Harper’s style was pronounced and, a bit unexpected really.  Very impressive though.  I believe her enthusiasm and strength was encouraging to Julian to just, GO FOR IT! And he did.
After circle  they were eager to get into the bus  and then off we went.   Mindy told her wonderful tales and got them singing and sharing stories and when we got there I needed to look for a bottle that was lost from a little girl from the day before.   7 out of 9 of them wanted to come with me so Juliet and Serena went with Mindy and the rest of them ran with me to the open meadow to look for the bottle.  We never found it but we all had such a good time running the field and looking all about.  While we were doing that, Mindy, Juliette and Serena reported having a WONDERFUL time being very peaceful and having the ducks and Coots come up to them because they were so quiet!
We all met at the bridge to the Island, ran onto it, set up lunch and began to play.  In truth the day was just too, too short because after eating it was time to get out apples, my knife, bird seed and begin the process of scouping out the center of half an apple, putting string on it and then the children, one by one scouping seeds into the “nests” and then hanging them on a branch they liked for the birds.  The children all stayed so very present and together while each one took their turn with an apple.
However, Misha was off exploring and Mindy spent time with him.   When all the nests were up great play started and their favorite game of Hide and Go seek but, WE HAD TO LEAVE!!!!!  This was just not right!  But, it was what we had to do so, packing up we did and off we went.  Mindy had four with her and I had the rest.  Julian and Harper were very, very happily holding hands and walking together. Duncan just started hugging and hugging them but they really didn’t want all those hugs and then Duncan felt a bit sad about that. Juliette wanted to hold Misha’s and Jaspers hand but he really didn’t want to hold her hand so she went to hold Duncan’s hand but then he got very upset that Julian and Harper didn’t want to sing the AB C’s song in Spanish!  All the while I was holding Misha’s hand because otherwise he was going to sit down and “smell the flowers” like Ferdinand the bull!  I am smiling and delightfully laughing here with the memory of this all!
I came back and invited Duncan to hold my hand and sing me the song his way.  He was glad to do that and Harper and Julian continued to hold hands walking back.  Julian then got really tired to Harper pulled him on.  This gave him energy and then they both ran back.  Now, up ahead, I was told, that Davey and Zara ran and ran straight towards the bus but did not stop when Mindy called to them.  She shared with them about stopping and waiting so the grown ups can see them and then, I supported this bit of information to them. All was well and so goes the dilema of legs and body wanting to go and go and go and somehow there are other things to consider??!!!!  Well, what is a three year old to do???  Practice, practice practice we will all do me thinks!

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