Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. May 8, 2013

Day 31
Waning Crescent Moon

All were here, back from our week off. The day started with me making bubbles from a bubble wand that was given to me a couple of weeks ago. Davey, Harper, Julian, Juliet had SUCH a good time chasing the bubbles. Unfortunately the bubbles came to an end and I must go to the special Bubble Makers to get more.
After we were all in the bus we took our time finding just the right stuffy and then off we went to Wunderlich.
When we got there we got out, made circle, had songs,snack and a new story that came out of a golden box with three figurines: A fox, a pitcher and an old woman.  I told the story of One Fine Day a story you can probably get from the library.
They seemed to like this  and Julian said how much he really liked the Golden Box!
As we went down a familiar trail half the group was with Mindy up ahead and the other half was with me.  My group wound up eating fresh green Rattle Snack weed plants and finding horse tracks while Mindy’s group was talking to two women that were on beautiful little horses that any one could pet.  We spoke with them as they came back down the trail.
When we all got together they went straight to play.  Sirena and Zara really wanted to play together in the Redwood Stump and there was some sharing to be had that was a bit challenging yet workable.  Davey, Misha, Jasper and I were feeding a Banana Slug and then Misha wanted to make a house for the Banana Slug like we have done before. So, we did.  Juliet later got very into making this house for the Slug.
There were great games of Hide and Go seek and Duncan and Misha buried me a bit. Then most of the children found me hiding under the brush and such.  But, not long after that Mindy said that Misha was pulling on his ear and complaining. He went down hill from there.  I tried to take his temperature and while I did all the children quietly came around and listened to hear when the thermometor was going to beep so we would know if Misha had a temperature.  It didn’t register well because I do not think he had his mouth around it well enough.  No matter, he stayed in Mindy’s arms resting until we left and she carried him back and got him all cozy for our ride back.  The ride back they were peaceful as we knew Misha needed it a bit quiet.
Before we left though there was a lot of, as I said, Hide and Go Seek and playing in different little special houses.  We then had a game of Race Horse and then Racing Unicorns, Racing Bears and I believe one other animal.  We ran back and forth back and forth up and down up and down the hilll Racing. Juliet, after a couple of races liked saying GO with me.  The racers were: Davey, Jasper, Julian and Juliet.  The others were sitting with Mindy and Misha watching. And oh yes, Mindy brought her new hand drill for fires and she and I worked with that. Davey was really into it as well as Julian.  During that some friendly Rangers on their horses came by and remembered us all very fondly.  They chatted and chatted with us and told us all about their horses.

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