Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. May 14, 2014 Day 32

Full Moon
Dennis Martins Creek

We had two extra people today, Nareya’s Mom and a Mills College Graduate Student.
The day was absolutely fun and alive as we explored this cool place.  It was to be very, very hot today so this is always one of the best choices to make.  And, it turned out to be absolutely true.  There was some water to play with and we were very sweetly protected from the great heat of the Sun under the steady shelter of the trees.
Since somehow I missed writing this up last week, this will be a short journal with some main highlights.
Fun and triumph I think were the operative words here. Then, exploring, adventuring, trying out skills at climbing hard spots, laughing, discovering creatures and plants, bringing in a new person with ease and peacefulness.
My highlight of the day:  The children were opening themselves up and have been, to climbing more and more challenging climbs.  I decided to role model a more difficult climb to see what they would do.
I scampered up some thick roots on the side of a hill to the top of the water fall type place where the climb was.   Bosch, who is always right in tune with me, came at just the right time as each one made their attempts at getting up.  I coaxed them along on up and at the very top he reached out and aided them on the very last spot. Accept Emme who said “I did it all by myself!!”  And she did. Dahlia, as often is the case, thought for sure she could not do it but, her desire to Do It, won out and then, she did it!!!!!!  And she was so very pleased with her accomplishment.
Natalie  gains such joy and strength with helping others and so she aided many in finding ways to succeed in the areas that were hard for them.  Eric makes sure things are safe and then goes for it with just the right amount of support. Jasper has sprouted up so much with his desire to conquer the world, so to speak.  Anissa has grown  not only physically but emotionally as well  and is having a blast with her expanded and joyful self.
Aurora was NOT afraid of Mt. Lions today and was delighted with water, stones and climbing and Nareya was not only happy with her Mother being there but also able to expand out more even with Mom there!!!
Thank you Nareya’s Mommy for making GREAT smooth and creamy mud paint for us all.  I was beautifully painted up by many of the girls and then I showed them how to wash it off in the water.
It was fun to continue to play on the incredible Natures Swings that are there and to show our Graduate student friend how fun they are to swing on.  There were great times of figuring out how to share the things that we really like and to come out where everyone got to have what they wanted and, they had a great deal of fun running up and down the trails to different destinations in order to make our way back to the bus.

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