Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. March 27, 2013

Full Moon
Day 26
Pichetti Open Space Preserve

Juliette and Duncan were absent today.
It was a glorious cool breeze spring day with clouds that gave thoughts to rain but never manifested anything near that.  It was perfect for going to the pond and discovering the tadpoles that are in grand abundance right now.
But first, playing before going into the bus on the laying down tree, passing out stuffed animals, hearing about our adventure of the day and then off…..!!!
When we got there we had a group to go pee with Mindy while I set up snack. We sang our songs with some new Rabbit ones, ate Cuties, Dates and Walnuts, which were GOBBLED UP!!! and a very beautiful story that I read about two sweet bunnies with pictures that are so very , very tender.  There are a few books that I read during the year and this is one of them.    After that we began our walk. Your children are so very alive with their age that it took a long time to get to the pond because there were so many Rolly Pollies all over the ground that needed to be tended to, watched, picked up, dropped, picked up again, observing how they open and close and…..all the way up the trail.  Julian, Mishka and Davey lasted the longest with these explorations and, throughout the day.
Mindy wound up going ahead with the others while I stayed back with these boys for the explorations.  Finally we all arrived there, and set up camp in a place where I knew there were a lot of tadpoles.  We ate some and while we ate I wound up bringing out a lot of carry along field guild type laminated pamphlets.  Oh yes, I brought them out because Mindy was wondering about the wonderful mint smelling plant right underneath us.  I had hoped that I had the picture in one of these laminated guides. Alas, I did not but, the children had  alot of fun looking at the very different kinds I had: animal scats, plants, lizards, turtles, birds and more.
The scat guide  and the Reptile one with the Aligator Lizard and Snapping Turtle’s were most intriguing as they can bite and hang on. This was of great interest to some.  We did find some Deer poop right near us after looking at these helpful guides.
I also found my nature book that children, the four year olds, draw in and make maps in.  Harper was interested in drawing the day so I gave her paper and pen and off to drawing she did.  I wrote what she drew when she was finished.   Then, she, Davey, Mishka , Jasper, Serena  and myself went searching for Tadpoles and California Newts.  Harper and Serena changed their minds and went back to MIndy but the other three and I searched about. We found great Gopher mounds of dirt and searched in there and then went all around the pond.  I could not find the Newts but when we got back I took out some used lunch containers and we all began to catch the Tadpoles in the jars and then release them and then catch some more.  We discovered the spiders that could walk across water and the many different sized Tadpoles.  After a bit I went searching about under logs AND I found a FROG!!!  I caught it and called everyone over but alas, it jumped away, and away, and away and SPLASH right into the water before everyone else came over to see.  I continued to look for more and found one but was unable to get that for the others to see as well.  Oh no!  and Oh well, we all went on with our discoveries.
Julian and Zara were very busy for quite a time climbing on a beautiful laying down dead Eucalyptus Log while the others were still scouring the ground for treasures and Mindy and Serena were near a tree.
Misha, Harper and I started to build a Fairy house and then Davey came over and Julian and Zara and Serena and, well then we were all together. There was more exploring around there and then it was time to pack up and go.
On the way back the children came upon a woman who was painting a grand picture and they stared with delight.  She was so very friendly and kind to them.  They also ran into a very large group of adults and then some adults with children. They looked at them all with curiosity, and awe at the size  of the groups.
There were a lot of what looked like being tired today and I do believe they were happy to just sit in the bus on the way back while Mindy read to them for a bit and they looked at Field Guides.

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