Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Jan,31 2013

Wanning Gibbeous Moon
Day  19
Wunderlich Park

All the children were alive and present with vitality which was a bit surprising since half of them were coughing and coughing all day long.
Harper was alive, funny, fiesty and sweet playing and exploring all day.
Julian: He was happy, thoughtful and really liked having his rain suit and warm clothes on.  He invited Miska to play with him on and off and was so curious about watching a Banana slug eat.  I gave a Banana slug a bit of grap and he really liked watching this.
Davey: He seemd taller and older today to me.  His English is far more advanced and seems to progress each week.  He just LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, running and playing. There is a beautiful Redwood tree round there that is like a nest.  It is surrounded by other Redwood trees and it is so magical.  Davey enjoyed so much being in this.
Miska:  He was happily playing with Harper on the bus with their stuffed animals. He and the boys were having a great deal of fun playing on a bunch of piled up logs. When he went down into the creek he was having such a good time until he slipped and got his feet wet.  He cried and I consoled him.  He doesn’t cry very much either.  Serena and I were building a house for a Banana Slug and he joined us for awhile.
Duncan: He was very playful and very happy playing in the Redwod nest.  He struggled a bit with Juliet yet, their friendship seemed to weather it well.  When he and many of the other children were down in the creek it was a hard climb to get back up.  He had no problem and was able to show others how he got up it with ease.
Juliette: She was a real trooper today when dirt got thrown in her face and eyes.  Mindy had great skill at getting out all the little pieces and she was extremely patient with it all. Other then this she was having lot’s of fun playing in the Redwod nest and watching the Banans Slug eat.
Japser: He was delighted to get the grape that fed the Banana slug!  And, he enjoyed watching it eat and then getting more grape for another Banana Slug.  He was his usual content, easy going self watching and then slowly being apart of it all.
Zara:  Girl who Loves to ROAAARRRRRRR and so she did with such a happy heart.  She also loved climbing, running, playing and succesffully climbing up the big steep hill from down at the creek. She was a bit nervous yet she did it!

It was a really fun day exploring this familiar spot.  They took to it like ducks to water.  Each had their place of joy and comfort and they joined with the natural world with grace and ease.

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