Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Jan. 22, 2014 Day 18

Waning Gibbous Moon
Foothill Park Big Meadow

Today was Emme’s Birthday and she was VERY Happy to be celebrating.  She was more joyous than ever and delighted to pass out her wonderful snack of strawberries and home made banana bread.  The children enjoyed themselves greatly.  We wound up having several stories. One official and others just came in the moment to support what was happening.
The children were filled with life and joy as they joined in songs, stories, snack and then moving on to the meadow. We were originally going to go to the Slippey Sliddey but Eric suggested that we go see if our Birds Nest gifts from before holiday were still there.  Emme was amenable so, that was where we went.  As we walked all the children accept Emme, Nareya, and Dahalia  went with me. The others were with Bosch at a spot that they all went to before at the lake’s edge.  I was told later, with much glee and laughter, that Bosch threw their sticks in the water and they made HUGE splashes!
The children with me spent time exploring the water and looking for the nests but after awhile all the other children, one by one, came running down the field fully excited with their adventures.  In the rear was Bosch carrying Jasper on his shoulders.  I wondered if Jasper was ok and then I saw, one of Jaspers shoes, foot attached, made it’s way into the water quite unexpectedly!  There was squeezing water out of socks and hanging them to dry.  As soon as he took his shoes off Eric, Dahlia and Nareya said, “We want to get our feet wet too!!!!!”
Later in the day we all went looking for the birds nests but alas, we found NOTHING! Not even a sign or clue.  However, Eric was still looking for more gifts along the trail where he last found some.  No luck there either!   I started to make a dream catcher and Emme not only liked it but wanted it.  That certainly seemed like a sound idea considering it was her birthday. I didn’t get to finish it that day but she will get it by next week.
I was playing a lot of games with the children on a hill and Bosch was in the quieter more still group by the main tree that we typically sit under.
My highlight for the day was seeing Emme and Natalie holding hands and playing together throughout the day.  They all are growing up so very much. It is beautiful to watch and be apart of.   And, they are soo much taller now. Yes? do you see it too?!
A beautiful, sunny, easeful and joyous day, especially for Emme.

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