Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Jan. 16, 2013

Waxing  Moon
Day 17
Pichetti Open Space Preserve

Japsper was not with us today.
Otherwise everyone was here, including JACKIE FROST!!!!  The day began with ice all over the ground and we found it in so many places at Pichetti.  Even at the end of the day in some shady places!  However, the day warmed up greatly and was much warmer at days end then then our preceding week.
Miskha came with almost all of his curly hair gone yet the same beautiful spirit as ever.  Harper was really missing her Mom yet found her way through that along with her radiant smile and curious self.   Duncan was loving showing us his different shirts he had on.  Juliette was happy, easeful, joyful and content today and as she typically is.  Julian was vibrant, alive and aware of who needs the most support. Sirena was quiet yet engaged. Zara was happy, playful and taking good care of Mishka. She really does like him so much.   Davey was very talkative, curious, playful and inquisitive.
So, with all of that, we began our day with songs that they sang and ready for adventures of the day.   We kept our ears wide open to see the Peacock and, it was there when we got there!!! But, we had to go on a bit of a search. We found this beautiful being and looked at it for awhile noticing so many of the colors.   We found beautiful water flowing in the creeks, things to throw in the creek and lot’s of horse tracks along our path.  As I mentioned earlier, Jackie Frost was in so many places that we tracked that too as well as big cars on the path. Duncan really knew about those tracks!
We made our way down a trail until we got to a shelter that the older Tender Trackers have been apart of building.  Someone else started it and it has been a work in progress for a long time.  The children LOVED this structure.  Julian instantly went on it and wanted to eat on it. And so he did.  Duncan followed, then Davey and Zara.  The others went on it for a bit to eat but weren’t as successful.  Later on Miska tried too for a bit with some success.
Zara was filled with helping everyone today so when Davey dropped his spoon she climbed underneath everything to find it.
Sirena, Harper and Julian went on a journey across the way to a big old tree laying down on the ground and Mindy went with them.  This became their house for the rest of the day and they had great adventures in there.  The others all trickled over accept Mishka and Duncan who began to lay upon another log in a bout the middle of everything.  I came over there and Miska wanted me to play the occarina, for music.  So I did. When I would stop he would say “More” and I played on. Most of the children came over to hear more. As I played for them he went over to where they used to be and then finally they all went back to the “house.”
Duncan and Juliette wound up playing very happinly together in the first house while the others were in their house and then Miska and I began to build a little house of sticks and Eucalyptus bark that we were gathering.  Davey joined us for a bit and then, it was close to time to leave.  But, no one wanted to leave!!!
Alas, we had to pack up but this place was so beautifiul. It is a magickal place and it provides so much space and freedom for the hearts, minds, souls and bodies to unwind, spread out, explore and find their own rhythm.  It was such a beautiful day and so wonderful to watch them unfold, relax, explore and be filled with ease.

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