Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Feb. 26, 2014 Day 22

Waning Crescent Moon
Foothills Park: Back Side

Emme and Aurora were absent today.  The rest of us were blessed with a beautiful day of a little rain, ongoing changing clouds, Sun peeking out now and again and so, VERY MUCH FUN!!!
Truly, at least Bosch and I had so much fun with your treasures.  Jasper is growing up so much and maturing it is a delight to see him leave his younger self, stretch out with his body and expand his mind. His laugh is delightful and he has been so very playful.  He REALLY wanted to sit next to Natalie this morning and every time she moved her seat in the bus he would follow.  The two of them, well the three as they played with Bosch, in the bus played and played.    Anissa came with her curious, inquisitive self and wondering if she had grown too since I last saw her!!!!!!  She wondered this because it seems to me that Dahlia has not only matured but she seems to have grown about two inches. Is it possible???!!!  Nareya wrestled with the rain suit she had as it was grand at times but then she got warm and oh dear, needing to work with such things as wet ground, warmth, hot cold, yet she made it through with flying colors!!!  Though I don’t see her height change that much I do see her emotional world entering into the, soon to be,Wild and Wonderful fours.  Eric is actually quite steady with who is and who he has been. He continues to hold his family tradition  of asking “Why” at every opportunity :).  Therefore many profund and grand conversations took place.    Natalie, was delighted with her Cat raincoat and wondered if we noticed her new hair cut under the hood.  I actually did notice even with just a few strands coming out. They did look…SHORTER!
When we got to the park we went all the way to the end of it where the great Redwood Trees stand tall.  And, as suspected, they DID protect us from the rain of the day.  We sat underneath in our circle singing, eating and watching the rain come down with the sun shining on it without a drop upon our heads. Our story today was simply listening to all the sounds around us.  Later we were listening to many raucous Crows and wondering what they might be saying or feeling. Each child thought they were feeling different things: Angry, Sad, Happy and more.  They learned about, and had the opportunity to, eating the Better Bitter Dandelion leaves and NOT!!!! to eat the Poison Hemlock leaves.  Both of these plants are loving the water and growing well.
We took a long walk down the lawn to find a magickal bridge. Jasper led us over it and into another adventure. At first he was hesitant to be the leader but then he charged ahead with delight.  We explored the dry creek bed, laying on the grass and looking at the Deer.  If we layed flat we couldn’t see them at all and at different degrees of sitting and laying we could see certain aspects of them, or not.   We noticed the clouds and then their stomachs demanded that we go back for lunch to our packs. But, how do we get back?  We did some navigational awareness things such as looking back as we were walking to see what it would look like as we were walking back. We found our way and pulled out those lunches.
The rest of the day we had a lot of fun with throwing Redwood cones, finding hiding spots, tumbling, finding a beautiful Bird Kill and lot’s of feathers and so much more.
A truly wonderful and fun day.

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