Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Dec. 5, 2012

Waning Gibbeous Moon
Day 13
Elanor Pardee Park

Serena and Misha were absent today.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to be another down pour but, with the support of Mindy and her enthusiasm, we decided to set up the traditional Tender Tracks Rainy day plan: canopy up , barbecue pit out, firewood in place, popcorn pot and all the fixens ready to go.  And so, with the canopy up and the kids camp chairs out so began our very glorious day.
It never really rained much on us which made the day a bit easier.  The children were delighted! to be sitting in the circle watching the fire being built.  They helped rub some of the redwood tree soft fluffy bark parts to add to the Tinder bundle.  They started to sing the Fire song to invite the fire fairies to come alive and pooofff so it worked!  The fire took and it was beautiful to see as it danced alive in front of us.   The pot for the popcorn was ready yet we had to wait until the fire burned just right in order to put it on.   I showed them how to take care of the pot by putting oil all over the outside, this makes it so you can wash off the black when you are done.  Finally we were able to put the pot on and begin to really listen for the dancing corn.  At first we just heard the snapping of the fire but then, but then…….THEY STARTED TO POPPPPPPP!!!!!!  What fun was that and then the popcorn peeked out of the top of the pot and we knew that it was ready for us to eat.    They all were enthusiastic about this too.   Juliet had about four bowls AND ate her lunch.  Davey had about three and REALLY only wanted to eat popcorn instead of his lunch but he did, at lunch time, eat a little of his lunch.   All the rest of them were just so happy with eating and wanted another batch. By the time they were finished with the first though, the fire had gone down and I had to build it up so, while I did that, Mindy took them all on a wonderful game of Hide and Go Seek. First she went looking for them and then they ALL wanted to have her hide while they found her.   They were delightful to watch as they came back to the fire area, covered their eyes and began to count.
The fire finally became ready, the popcorn pot put back on and back they all came.  This time the popcorn popped so fast and the lid lifted way up filled to over flowing.  It was so very fun!!!  Bowels out and  more eaten, then lunch then, off to play.
We took them on an adventure to the garden behind us and there we tasted fresh fennel, mallow freshly growing and some Fillery too.    There were some blossoms on the Ceanothous tree so we were able to wash our hands. These blossoms, when wet can make incredible lather. Then we rinsed our hands with the water that was all over the grasses and other green plants at our feet.
They had a great deal of fun climbing on this little kiosk type of thing near us and then we carried on walking all around the rest of the garden.  There were great puddles found with lot’s of mud and that was truly fun!   We found incredible mulch mounds that we climbed up and over and up and over many times as I sang: The Noble Duke of York, he had ten thousand men….. I hope you know the rest of this rhyme.   We found many wonders all along our way and throughout the day and then it was time to clean up.
This day was so easy and all alive with the blessings of fire, food and fun.

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