Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wed. Dec. 19, 2012

Waxing Crescent Moon
Day 15
Foothill Park, the First Big Meadow

Davey was already away on holiday today yet Miska’s 6/7 yr old? brother Roma  came to play with us today.  What a treat as his calm , warm and friendly ways was only a great addition.   My intention was to go and make gifts for the birds from the cones we could find in the meadow, and we did.
When we entered the bus we sang our holiday songs with ease and delight and off we went.
Upon arrival there was much to do about getting ready with gloves and the like and they ate their snack, near the rocks right at the parking lot with gusto.   As we made our way to the meadow what did we find but, Jackie Frost all over!!! There were marvelous snow crystals on so many leaves.  A wonderland of glory just on a leaf! The mushroom people were sprouting up everywhere and we could see our tracks as we walked on the crunching hard and frozen grass.  But what was to happen?  All of a sudden Jackie Frost’s coat of white was gone and we were walking on sunlit grass with no crystals shining anywhere?  How could this be?  Well, this was an easy guess for Roma as he said, “The Sun melted it!”  Indeed but how come in this spot?  “Why is it dark and frozen behind us?”  Questions for the little ones to deeply ponder for a few more years and for Roma, he has delightedly discovered some of the beauty of trees protections and Suns strength.
We set up our spot underneath the barren tree.  Roma found an acorn and  I asked him where it came from. He searched and searched until he found the tree,  not what we were under!  Half the children got out their food while the others ran and ran and explored.  After lunch I got out the bird seed and all and half of us went looking for cones:  Roma, Mishka, Jasper, Zara and Harper.  We set to work smearing Peanut Butter on them and then rolling them in Bird seed and then walking over to just the right spot to hang them.   Harper was the most determined to do the spreading all on her own and, she did! And Zara, she wanted to do it all on her own but when she couldn’t really figure out how to tie it to the tree, she was willing to receive help.
Jasper had fun just taking his time and he picked a VERY LARGE cone to hang which he liked.  Roma and Mishka enjoyed themselves with this gift as well and, we all gave thanks to the birds as we hung our gifts up.
The others, well, they were off with Mindy either jumping on her or, making a GREAT fairy home!  When my group was finished I brought everything over to them and there was a bit of a switch of places.   The rest of them made their gifts with the same amount of care and fun.  I hope some of you will go to Foothills park during the holiday to see if any of these presents were well received.
The day went by actually quite quickly, as it often does, with peace and ease.  When we walked back it was exciting to see that there really was  still some ice upon the ground and one area was still so cold while where we had gotten quite warm further down the meadow in the Sun.  Such contrasts!!
On the way back they looked at field guides and books per some of their requests.

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