Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tuesday May 21, 2013

Day 66
Waxing Moon
Huddart Park

Miu, Taz and Evan were absent today and Kaden’s Mom came with us. What a wonderful treat this was for us all.  And, we were blessed with some magnificent photos of the day by days end!
I thought it would be nice to go to this place so Kaden could take his Mom to the “beach” that we found at Huddart Park.
When we got there they ran to their beloved little house shelter and Kaden got to show his Mom this place. The children hid inside and oh, dear, where could they be?!!  Surprises and play around that happened and then we got together for a little circle.   Brother Sister Wind were BLOWWWWWIIIINNNGGGGG with more gusto then has ever happened this year, that I can recall.  The story that I was planning on telling seemed to need to be put on hold and the story about Wookosan the Wind Eagle was calling to be told, so I did.   They learned about why we need the wind and how sometimes it blows so strong and sometimes so gentle.  Then, a map was made on the ground to point our path and off we went.
The familiar path, the life that surrounded us as we walked, the air, smells, things to touch all came and joined the journey.
As we walked through the field and found a lot of Scat to check out, the “hitchhiker seed babies” as I like to call them, came upon many of our socks.  When we got past the field it seemed necessary to take a little time to pull out these pokey friends so we could walk with greater ease and then, we found the beach.
What fun as eating, watching Banana Slugs, playing in the water, painting faces with rock paint, climbing up and down hills all came to pass.  Some wanted a story but they were all filled with so many of their own stories that it never was able to be finished so, alas, it became time to walk back but not before watching some of the Water Stryders in the water and seeing beautiful Dragon Flies.
After we got a certain ways down the trail I brought out a rope that I had been carrying all day and the blind folds that I brought out during lunch to use while eating.
They now had the chance to turn into a Caterpillar!  The rope came out, the blind folds went on and they all held on to the rope as I led them on a blind walk. Some kept those blind folds on the whole time while others kept peeking.  All just perfect and they wanted to continue this game even when we stopped.
It was wonderful to hear their quiet focus and see them walk, then giggle and explore the world in a new way.

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