Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues./Thurs. 9/13/2012

September 13, 2012
Waning Crescent Moon
Hidden Villa Ranch
Day 4

Four days together already and such a continuing beautiful group. Before circle they checked the grass to see if it was wet or not and ran and ran all around. Evan is actually the biggest runner.  He has a great deal of energy that he just loves to move with!
At circle we had our rituals and Alice had come in right as we were beginning to sing.  She looked  a bit sad so I offered for any who wished to go and greet her and invite her into the circle.  Emme and Gieselle went to greet her . She wasn’t really ready to receive them yet had a slight turn of the head with a smile given so I knew she was actually happy for their welcoming.  They came back to circle and she, after a time. But first off  with her Mom and brother she went. After they left she ever so slowly found her way into circle and then, completely ready to be apart of the day with others.  Emme did not come back to circle straight away and found some quiet time for herself until she found her way back.  We then had our freshly made Oatmeal, story and then off we went.

We were all excited to go to Hidden Villa and only half of them it seemed had ever been there.  When we got there though it was time for most to eat lunch so we ate right there at the Hidden Villa’s natural play ground.  We contended with the Yellow Jackets who are in mass this year though they seem gentler to me this year than years past. Therefore, no one received the fire of sting from these formidable friends.

We finally packed up and made our way along the path until we came to the garden.  Oh my what fun we had in there!!!  Immediately there was the  tunnel for small travelers to crawl through that led them straight  into the garden. Then there was a GREAT plant tunnel to go through. I became some kind of monster, I was deemed, and began chasing them all around. Most LOVED this and when we had to leave Miu was not pleased.  She wanted to stay and stay and chase and play. However, if we were to see the animals we had to carry on.  So, off to the pigs, and chickens we went.  We walked over the bridge and found no water yet were able to pick a few left over Blackberries from the substantial bushes there.  We went through a magical arch way and made it to the chickens and the pigs.  There we found wonderful little pigs that really were so sweet and delightful to observe.  I was able to catch a couple chickens for them to pet though Kaden did not want to pet them.  The children just loved playing and playing here and we had our second lunch with the chickens coming up to us to eat some food.  We shared with them the vegetable and fruit part of some of our lunches and learned how to shew them away. This became a great game as the children would pretend that they were chickens that I was gently shewing away. Miu and Kaden loved this game best and I was inticed to shew them and shew them on.
We checked on the piggies one more time and also had fun observing the GREAT BIG PIGS there as well.
Walking, running, skipping, singing back to the bus was our delight.  And oh yes, earlier we went through a grand touching and smelling garden and got to feel such soft plants, Lambs ear for one.  We spent time with the cows and sheep too and did our best to talk with them.  In the morning we were practicing using Crow language too.

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