Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. Oct. 9, 2012

Hidden Villa
Waning 3rd Quarter Moon
Day 11

Kaden is still in Hawaii and everyone else was here.  We celebrated Emme’s 4 year old birthday and all were present and delighted for the snack that she brought, Banana bread and she was happy for her Birthday story and gift.  Circle was just so sweet today and harmonious.  A Tuesday treasure!  Since it was Emme’s birthday she got to choose where we would go today, if she wished. She wanted to go back and see the piggies so, after much play in our corner of Elearnor Pardee Park and watching the squirrels we made our way to Hidden Villa.  When we got there we made sure we parked the car where we thought we would get shade as last week we were baked in the sun by days end.   However, as we were continually taking weather reports, by noon the clear blue sky changed to cloudy and parts gray with cool breezes on and off. So, the bus was cool and comfortable by the time we got back.
When we did get out we took a jaunt to the bathroom and took care of those needs, for most and then off we went.  We smelled many of the plants right near the bathroom planted specifically just for smelling.   We made our way past the garden and Alice REALLY wanted to go in to the “Magic Garden” but alas, Emme wanted to go to the animals so, another time for Alice.  We then went through yet another smelling garden, over the bridge and stayed near the creek for awhile in order to eat before seeing the animals.   They played in this area for quite sometime actually.  We were Chitta families and Jaguar families and well, a fair amount of different animal families. We caught our Demboks to eat and then we made a place to put our cache.  Then we found another home, a tree stump and played there. But wait!  there were so many birds in the sky and sounds around us. We went to check all of those out yet down the creek there were many Stellar Jays so we all, accept Jill, Giselle and Aoife, stalked down the creek, sat down very still and quietly and watched all of the Stellar Jays. We had hoped that they would come closer to us too.  And, as we sat there ever so still what should come over to us but THREE HISING SNAKES!!!! ( Jill, Aoife and Giselle.) And, they were poisonous!!!!  We quickly got them some mice( big rocks) and fed them the mice so that they wouldn’t get us.  And phew!  they did not.   We then ran back to get ready to go see the pigs.  But oh dear, Emme took a bit of a tumble and cut her self up quite nicely.  She really did have some real blood, not just a little nick.  I spent time cleaning it up and I really wanted to put a bandaid on this one but she would have nothing to do with that, no matter my efforts.  So, with a great deal of hugs, friends coming over to comfort her and some thick neosporine to act like a bandaid, we finally made our way to the pigs.
Oh but I didn’t say, shortly after sitting down for lunch a gentle Deer just ever so quietly and easefully walked by us.  We got to see it SOOO  close up.  It was quite thrilling. The Deer appeared to have no fear of us and was just walking so peacefully by and then up the hill where we could see a true Deer trail.
Now, back to the pigs and the chickens.   We straight away came upon the chickens and they were so very mellow this day!  I was able to pick one up straight away and we all petted it with joy.  Then to the pigs.  They were just the sweettest little things so we watched and watched and tried to pet them when we could.   Giselles thank you for the day was for being able to see the Big Pig pee.  It was rather remarkable as it was like water coming out of a hose!
This day was an easy, sweet, inclusive, playing together, singing together, holding hands together kind of a day.  It is clear that Autumn is here and we made lot’s of observations of the changing weather.

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