Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. Oct. 22, 2013 Day 15

Waning Moon
Shoup Park/Redwood Grove: Los Altos

What a big day of energy.  Zac, Liam and Cole came with the need to just move, run, gather, explore and just plain be active.  Ridham was alive with creating airplanes, families and climbing, Zara was her laughing, playful self, Eden, her easy going and very active self and now showing more of her no’s , a wonderful word to know how to use!  Serena was very happy playing with girls and being silly and laughing a lot. Juliet was settled yet happily playing and very talkative with joy about her “play date” with Ridham the next day.  Julian was filled with robustness, and blessed me with asking me to go on a small adventure with him.
We made our way to Los Altos joined with some great stories that Jill read on the way over.  When we got there I set up circle and Zac, Liam and Cole found some very exciting seeds that had fallen from a tree.  During circle they were consumed with this yet stopped in order to come over for snack and story.   The story was wrapped around a circle game called “Old Roger is Dead.”  It really is about the circle of life and how now it is Autumn.   Later in the day we actually played the circle game and the children all accept Serena, and Ridham, joined in and wanted to play all the different parts of the game.
But I jumped ahead.  After circle, snack and story Ridham held the weather stick and we all continued our questioning of what direction the wind was coming.  Then we packed up and found several different ways to get down into the creek.  There they were guided to walk towards the sun and along the windy dry creek bed.  Along our way we found a small trail with a black Halloween ghost hanging from a tree . They checked it out and said “It’s not real…Right?!”   They re-visited it on the way back just to check it out again.
We meandered along the dry creek bed and found great Bay nut babies and other plant treasures along with wonderful feathers.  When we got to our destination we dropped our packs and explored.  Cole found  a great felled tree trunk to scamper across. He was very proud that he was the only one who could do it.  There was another downed trunk that was like a jumping log that many of the children loved.  We found partially built shelters, climbing trees, and the boys LOVED runing, running, running all around this wooded bridge trail there!!!
There were all manner of games and then when the boys got a little stuck in their play, at least that was my judgement on it, I began building stone structures in the creek bed.  They soon came down to check it out and then joined me.
Earlier I made a leaf crown.  Juliet really didn’t like it on me and most said they didn’t like it but later, “Can you make me one? Can you make me one?”
There was so much that went on today with little groups and fun adventures it seems so challenging to write even HALF of the glories that took place.
Ridham went camping with his little daughter, Jill.  He was Dad and Serena and Eden were Mom’s for a little bit until they got tired of that and went on to something else.  Cole found lot’s of “sea glass”( broken ceramic dishes it looked like) and handed a piece out to each and every person if they wanted it.   When it was time to go we made our way back and sat down on the lawn at Shoup park to finish lunches.   Then there was a great race back and forth back and forth to a bench very far away.    It was a nice moment with the whole group together and sharing one with the other.   I brought out all the feathers we found and we examined them all together.  We then got in the bus and gave our many thanksgivings for the day.
A wonderful day and so very, very full.

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