Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. Oct. 2, 2012

Hidden Villa
Waning crescent Moon
Day 9

Kaden was absent today and won’t be back until next Thursday. He’s off to HAWAII!!!!!!!  And, the heat here was maybe just as high or higher then over there!  We had circle with a little harp, colored corn, a cauldron, new Oct. and Halloween songs and, a story about why it is sooo hott!!  A tale about Why we have Indian Summer.   Then off to a place that would keep us cool for the day and away from the, larger then normal, crowd of Yellow Jackets that have been dancing around us of late.

At Hidden Villa our mission and task was to go past all of the animals and head straight to the woods and be where there is a “Big Rock.”  This was  a little bit of a task as they wanted to visit the garden and all of the animals. However, no time to waste as Grandpa Sun was rising higher and higher and getting hotter and hotter so, off we went into the much cooler woods and settled in at the base of the Big Rock.  Eating happened and up the rock most went.  However, there were a lot of visiting groups/schools there so we let them have their much shorter time upon the rock and we stayed down below until they all came down and went on their merry way.
While we were waiting I began to build a shelter and they all joined in to help pull big downed Bay Tree branches.  We built and built until I noticed that Giselle was sitting on her own on the white cloth where we ate.  Something didn’t look quite right there so I went over.  She said she never wanted to come back to Tender Tracks because Aoife and Paul wanted to kill her and she did not like that. She wanted to be at her other school where they play at the park.    I heard at the end of the day from Jill that she and Giselle were going to go up the hilll but a guide from another group said that it was dangerous to go up the side of the rock.  It was there that Giselle decided that it wasn’t safe and sat down. So, all I know then is that I stayed with her and began the journey to see what could be found for her that would bring a feeling of comfort and pleasure right where we were.  I began to build a fairy house and that was just the thing.  At the end of the day her Thank you was for the Fairy house.
While we were building this glorious home for the fairies  Alice came over, then Aoife  and then Evan.  Aoife and Alice and I were very involved in building it and then, when Evan came over, as a baby Chitta, he layed on my lap.  Giselle was laying down a bit too and we began a game of sleeping for the night.  I asked Giselle what a nice bedtime song was and she gave me the song she said she gets sung at night, Silent Night.  So I sang that and she and he rested and then Alice layed on my lap and then Aoife layed down and pretty soon and for quite some time, they all layed there resting on this very warm day to gentle songs of sleep and rest.  All the while Miu and Emme were GOING TO TOWN building and pulling and building and building their very special house and Paul went from guarding us from wild monsters that might come and hurt us to playing with his “swords’ near the girls.
The sleeping ones really seemed like they needed to rest and rest and rest.  Earlier after lunch I read a story about the Harvest Moon Magic and all that listened really enjoyed that and it got incorporated into some of their play.  Miu and Emme finally finished their house and really wanted us to go over and get into it so, after a bit of time, singing, and resting , we made our way over there and it was just grand!
There was a lot of running up and down the hill for a time, building, playing FAMILY, sleeping, making coyote howls to some of the Duvenck groups that were in the Mt.s howling, hearing stories, playing the harp, feeling the really hot weather and noticing the coolness under the trees.  We had the regular dealings with the teeny weeny bugs that fly around at lunch and the figuring out that they really are of no harm only a bit of a bother.  There was drinking of water and pretending that they were bad, a theme right now for some.   And, I was so delighted that almost the entire day was NOT spent in great heat and we were pleased at times with gentle and cooling breezes where we wound up setting up camp for the day.

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