Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. Oct. 1, 2013 Day 9

Waning Crescent Moon
Huddart Park

Well, they were having such a good time last Thursday and just beginning to settle in when we had to leave that it seemed grand to come back and keep going. So, we did.  But first, all settled on the bus and off we went. They were filled with change of season bluster, whirlwind, loud sounds and much joy.   This kept going until towards the end of the day and on the way back they finally calmed down and rested.  Some even slept.  However, the rest of the day was ALIVE!  Again, it was joyful and exuberant aliveness!   The kind that brings joy.
They did a lot of joining together with chants and Jill and I created music and lyrics for some of them.    When we got there they dashed out, scattered and each found their place of fun and play.   Sirena and Ridham were left by the bus talking but oh yes, while on the bus, most took off their shoes and socks.  When we stopped I picked them all up and they got to guess what shoes and socks belonged to who.  Some of them had to “buy back” their shoes with a story or their favorite desert.  Cole chose to tell the shortest story EVER and Zac shared his favorite desert.
Ridham was the least joyous today and was missing his Mom on and off along with sniffles from a cold.  Half the children had very runny noses and there was much nose wiping going on. Thank you parents for supplying the extra tissues!
At one sad moment I loved and cared for Ridham with a big hug, and then, OFF HE WENT WITH THE OTHER CHILDREN, and from there on out he appeared to be happy, apart of it all and fine.  It was a delightful sight.
( I am jumping around here today so I hope you can follow. It feels like the way the day was!)
Our circles are more like, joining in and placing your body in a place that feels best.  I brought out the cornmeal for our Directional song.  All were there accept Zara and Eden who started off with us all and then ran away.  Liam stayed close though not in the actual circle.  They sang with joy and then began to learn all the new songs for our wonderful month of Oct./Halloween and beginning of Fall season.
We sat down for snack and story and they all came in after a time and were in a full circle.  It felt very lovely all of this.  Especially because later in the day Eden was singing the directional song and gathering “Corn meal/dirt on the ground” for the rest of the day.
The story for today was our story song that we had last week only this time each one of them, who wanted to, became a character from the song/story. Jill was the carrot in the ground, Cole was the Grandchild, Zara the Grandmother, Liam the dog, Zac the cat, Julian the mouse and Eden was the Grandfather.  If I didn’t say so before, this is a story about Grandfather planting a carrot seed. The carrot got so big that he couldn’t pull it out. Each one asked for someone’s help and they all,w ith hands on each others waist pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled until POP out came the carrot.  This is what we used to bring us into making the soup last Thursday.
So, after this they were alive and happy yet still hungry so most ate their 1st lunch.   Julian and Jill went “camping”where they ate further away from the rest of us.  Then they came back because they said that they were going to the Desert.  They were going towards the Lizard Log at Huddart which is in the sun.  Liam and Zac wanted to go so they packed up their lunch and off they went.  But then Zara and Eden were playing house and Zac was the baby.  Serena, Ridham and I stayed together eating.  The rest were with Jill for along time playing over in the woods up above us.  After awhile and after many games and watching crows, (Juliet and I mostly),  all got together and we journed down to the creek where we spent the rest of the day.
Liam and I discovered a great Tee Pee already built out of logs there and we continued to work on it.  Julian and Jill walked across a great log. Juliette and Serena spent the rest of the day making Corn meal bags and Eden, as I said earlier was singing the directional song. She only remembers one verse so far but she does sing that to all of the directions.
Zara got very sad when Eden went to go play with Ridham, Julian and I on a magick horse.  We came back to console her.  She finally sat in my lap to eat and the  rest of her lunch and all became right again.  Jill was with the rest of the boys for the last part of the day building the Tee Pee and then they all came back up the hill and finished their lunches before we made our way back home. PHew!  it was a very full day and in the bus, they became still.

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