Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. Nov. 12, 2013 Day 22

Waxing Gibbeous Moon

What a beautiful day!  The cooperation and unity was fun to behold.  Well, ok, there was the usual four year old dilemas of who was going to play with who, however, they continued to work with all of this in elequent and non elequent ways and, they are doing great.  One of my favorite moments was when Ridham and Julian were quietly sitting inside a structure that they made with Jill.  Zac and I came over.  Julian invited me in but did not want Zac to come in.  After taking a quick moment to assess what was going on I asked if they wanted it quiet where they were.  Julian said Yes.  I then asked if Zac came in and was quiet would it be alright if he joined them. Julian said yes.  So simple, just getting curious and asking.  Zac was clear that he wanted to be loud and hit the big logs further away.  We left, all got what they wanted and no one was left out or left feeling like their feelings were wrong.  Later, Julian and Ridham came over because my hammering was truly very loud.  They asked if we could be more quiet.  I said it was my loud hammering and I would be happy to.  They walked away and back to where they were very happy.
Zara and Eden began the day with struggles around their friendship and worked with it and through it through out the day.  Juliet was her easy going self and playing with all.  Cole was his laughing and contrary self but always complying with the group and having a good time.  Serena was happy, playful, amused and creative with her day.  Well, that was a quick synopsis of the children.
They were happy when we got there to go right into circle and get snack.  Eden said she LOVE’S this snack, flax muffins, and  she also had three in her lunch!  Cole said he was going to drink up all the Lemon water like he did two weeks ago. He didn’t however.
We straight away came upon the Peacock when we arrived and a chicken with 11, closely following, baby chicks running all over the lawn.  The children stalked the Peacock and were REALLY QUIET while they did.   We found lot’s of scat that they wanted to explore and then down the path, up the path over the path we went.   We set up camp, they scattered to their favorite spots and began to play. One by one we all got together to eat and then each one of them tried their hand at climbing up and down the great big fallen tree trunk.  Zac got a little stuck but was able to get out and slide down as the rest of them did.
Later Zac and I went exploring for lizards.  Ridham became a bee with Jill and they made honey.  This was inspired by the old Yellow Jackets nest we found with all their honey comb like structures on the trail to our spot.

Zac, Ridham and I made a  Fairy house, Cole and Julian made some sort of house structure with Jill.  All the girls created a home underneath and covered by a big log and their they had many family permutations.
On the way home in the bus they all, so peacefully, played eye spy for most of the way back and then each one, in turn, shared some of their favorite songs.

A beautiful and full day with each one of them.

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