Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. May 19, 2014 Day 65

Waning Moon
Rancho San Antonio

Ridham is off on other adventures this week and Serena has come back from her grand adventure from France!
There was much gratitude for her return and she was in grand and happy spirits to be back.  She and Juliette in particular were very happy to be reunited and played with absolute joy together.  Some beautiful moments with them on this day was listening to them sing songs, very well! from the movie, I believe, Frozen.  These were complicated songs that the two of them enjoyed so very much singing together!  Zara, Eden, Finn, Jill and I listened and watched with joy and awe.
Before all of this we let our time unfold with no pressure and ease from the bus, to our circle place, to circle and then into the adventure to our end result.  By the time we got to the creek it was a taste after twelve o’clock/noon!
We picked new jobs today. Eden was Weather Watcher and also got to look at the story box and choose a story from the pictures.  She chose the story about the Fox and the Old Woman that took his tail until he returned her milk that he took with asking.  They were all involved with the repetive and adventuresome parts of the story until finally, he returned what he took, got his tail sewn back on and went off to play with his friends.   Finn was involved all day in his slow, beautiful and deeply engrossed searches for tiny and beautiful things upon the Earth.  Cole straight away found a beautiful green rock that he liked and couln’t wait to get it to the creek to wash it off to see how beautiful it was.  Julian, Zac and Cole found some sticks and then some great “scraping rocks” earlier in the day before circle and were very proud to show me what they had done and made.
The children followed the land marks and when they got to “Grandma Bay” they all followed Cole in the pursuit to walk on the small wooden fence that surrounded the Bay tree. On one of our very first days Cole became immersed in this and the rest of them now LOVE doing this too.  They all were so very proud of themselves as they made their way around trying to never fall off.  After that they found the Gnomey tree and then we discovered that all the “wood pecker hotels” were GONE!!!! Yup, completely hauled away, or something like that.
They finally found the creek, Cole ran and washed off his rock. Julian, Zac and Cole went right back to playing at their “castle” like they did last time they were there.   Finn was still completely and joyfully involved in finding his treasures, Juilette and Serena were happily singing and Zara and Eden were playing with Eden’s treausres.  I was inspired by her treasures and asked if I could use them for a game. She said yes.   I went away and camoflauged them.  Then, they ALL came running over to play.  They found one out of three of them and then Zara and Eden and I do believe Finn had so much fun playing this again afterwards. The rest ran back to their Tree home and castle, Juliette and Serena joining them. But then, it was time to go and no one was very happy about this.
We really had had little time there yet we had spent such grand times in all our other places and, we had a great time watching alot of Ground squirrels and so many birds!!!
It was just another grand, beautiful and harmonious day.
The story of the day/mapmaker people were Julian and Finn. they shared some of their favorites stories of the day and the children asked great probing questions.  Jill then read some fine stories and all were alive, happy and vibrant with the gifts and gratitude from such a fine day.

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