Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. March 4, 2014 Day 45

Waxing Moon
Arastradero Open Space Preserve

What a beautiful day!  Everyone was in such beautiful spirits.
Serena was just a happy, happy camper after having been gone for a while.  She was delighted to play with her friends and was sharing her ideas and thoughts throughout the day.
Juliette, well, she is just a ray of kind sunshine to all and herself.  She always plays with love and kindness with everyone she is with.  Her bright blue eyes and her warm smile, radiate out to us all.
Ridham was having such fun with the boys playing in the mud, climbing and running.
Finn had a grand time playing and laughing with me and being so very happy and silly.
Zara continues to mature with her ability to wait for things she wants. Her smiles and ease with this grows more and more each day. She is such a curious one about stories. If I say anything in a story that she doesn’t understand she asks with such grand purity of heart.  So tender and beautiful to be around.  Her ease and connection to the natural world helps everyone around her as well.
Eden was just peacefully happy, sharing, playing and exploring.
Julian, what a happy camper today playing with Cole and Zac.  Cole and Julian created these houses inside the tall Cattail plants.  He beamed  with happiness over these houses.
Cole, was like Julian, so peaceful and happy playing in these homes they created.
Zac, well he was Cole and Julians guard to these houses and was HAPPY about it all.
After lunch, Finn, Ridham, Juliette, Zara, Eden and Serena were sitting with me, when Finn was delighted to be playing with me, and we all played a great game of 20 questions.  They really, really liked this game. We went on and on with this.  Zara got very involved with one of my laminated pull out cards for the birds, I think it was that one.  I am not sure because I pulled out the mushroom one first because we had found a great mushroom nor far from where we were sitting.
Earlier there was a fisherman near us and all the children became fascinated with him and his fish that he caught.  He let the fish go and showed the children  pictures of what they looked like.  Some of the children really wanted to know if the fish were ok if you throw them back.  They wanted to know  how it all worked.
He finally took his things and went further away to the other side of the pond.  I would assume to gain more quiet.
Our walk to our usual place took a different turn as most were interested in a new path.  It was an exciting adventure. Along the way we found the Teasel plant, a plant that I call natures hairbrush.  Each one of the children got one and it was fun seeing them brush their hair throughout the day with these gifts.
Cole, Zac and Julian got the most muddy and wet so by the time we got back they needed some true stripping down and drying off.
The day, as already said, was peaceful, easeful and expansive in time and space.




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