Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. March 26, 2013

Day before Full Moon
Day 50
Stevens Creek Open Space Preserve

Aoife was on holiday today.   The Sun was gloriously shining down from the sky with little clouds to cover it yet gentle and sweet spring winds to make the day most enjoyable.  The mood with the children was the same and a grand difference from last Thursday.  The children took to heart ways in which we can have more ease during the day and with only few supportive words of how we can play together with ease, the day went along with a fair amount of grace.  We had a bit of a slow start leaving yet, since there was so much to do, off we went.
Stevens creek is wonderful as it is not that far to drive and not far at all to get to the creek. We were able to bring all the things down that were needed to boil our water  from the creek in pots,put our red cabbage and yellow onion skins in and dye our eggs for our special treat of the “Easter Bunnies” visit this Thursday.
When we first got there the children wanted to just run and so it was grand to give them free reign to explore and run their bodies about.  We then came together for a little circle of snack, songs, some new ones about Rabbits and then the story of the day.  Instead of reading this story that I usually do each year I told it. It is about a Country bunny that aspired to be a true Easter Bunny and, against many odds, she proved her self worthy.  They were all transfixed and then when that was done, they were in need of play so off they went.
In an organic style I just started getting the fire going and sure enough, helpers came from here and there to, help.  I brought out the sterno cans that three children brought and they all went to look for rocks to put around them.  We set them up, put the sterno cans inside, the barbecue grate over them and then the pail filled with water that the children got from the creek on top to boil.   Across the way I made a fire with our fire wood and then one by one, following Jill’s lead, many of the children gathered more wood to feed the fire.  By doing so the water boiled well and in turn so did the 18 eggs.   When all of that had done it’s job, one by one and in and out each one of them chose the color they wanted to put their eggs in. But first, Jill and I got the very hot eggs out and cooled them from the creek water so that the children could hold them and place them into the colors.
I had found the lost hammer from a while ago inside the wood  basket and that was such a hit that I brought out the rest along with two shovels.  On and off throughout the rest of the day all the children were very involved with working with the hammers digging up the dirt.  I suggested we change location as it seemed that one of the places they were hammering and digging was creating a style of erosion that was not beneficial for the area.  So, they moved.  They all brought water up from the creek and made mud, particularly Taz who was loving getting water and putting it with the dirt.   I made a mud ball and several liked this so much that they began to play with the mud. Alice painted her hands with it and then said she was going to put it on the children. They were not pleased with that so, what a grand time to remember the desire to dye their hair!  So, out came the eggs from the blueberry batch and on with the juice from the berries to their heads. One by one each wanted a turn. They took off different aspects of their clothing so as not to stain them. The only one who did not want to do this was Kaden. He became a grand observer and supporter.  And the only ones that you could really truly see this dye wason  Giselle and Taz due to their very blonde hair. .
The day was filled with a great amount of fun as we were surrounded by Spring birds, singing creek, and joyous voices of your children.  I brought out some of my “real” bows and arrows that I promised to bring and told them some stories of how I got some of them from the Yucatan Penninsula’s Lacandon Indians while I was in the jungle many years ago.
This spurred on fun and play but alas, cleaning up needed to happen and the day wizzed by far to quickly.

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