Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. March 25, 2014 Day 51

Waning Moon
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

Serena, Eden and Zac were not with us today.  Since there were only six it seemed like a great idea to go to this place where the Bullfrogs come every spring.  It is a small space at the pond so it seemed like a perfect opportunity.   After debating this choice in the bus we were finally off and on our way.  When we got there there was a large bus of students, never seen there by me before, and the children wound up being a bit mesmerized by them all.  Some of them saw a gopher in the ground so where this group left off watching it our group stepped right in.  We had fun watching this fun character dig dirt out and then finally, after quite some time, plug up it’s little hole.
Our morning was very, very relaxed. Circle was a coming in and out with ease. No special rituals, only leaning on the skeleton of the circle and finally enjoying, by some, a story about Why BullFrogs are always by the waters edge and hiding in the Water.   There was a fence there and scaling it was what most were FULLY enjoying for quite some time. Finally we all wanted to go see the Bull Frogs so off we went.  The pond is rather near to the parking lot though once there it doesn’t feel that way.
I was ASTOUNDED to see how low the water in the pond was.  Where once the waters edge was we could now walk in a good 3 to 4 feet!   We were able to walk the edge and see the turtles on their log and, we only heard two Bull Frogs the whole day!  We did however hear other frogs, which is good because BullFrogs have a tendancy to eat the others!  People don’t like that about BullFrogs 🙁
The day flowed so sweetly with explorations around the area we were in and right where we were.  There were young Tully plants growing which are used to make boats so I started making little play boats, and, this took up the entire day. “Make me one, Make me one” they all cried so, Jill and I carried on with this.  Julian really wanted to learn how to weave some himself, he tried and then gave it up after a time.
During the middle of all this it started to rain, far sooner then I had expected for the day.  Finally some were just too wet so, since the bus was so close, Jill took three to change  and I stayed with the other three.  But, while they were gone the rain began to come down harder and harder and I and Finn were truly getting soaked and cold.  We packed up and went back to the bus to get changed and there we took part of the already existing Changing Party!  After being fully warmed and suited up, all but Jill and Zara, went back to our original location. They all begged for this. Zara and Jill stayed to tiddy up the bus.  Zara seemed very tired today and did indeed rest a lot.
When the group I was with got back they commenced to play flying games with their new Tully boats.  Ridham had the first boat and sailed it off in the water so he wanted  another one.  I made him one and Zara one and when Jill came back she made Finn one.  Then they ALL had their boats and played with them in a variety of creative ways.
The rain decided not to really come and the air got warmer.  We spent time on and off throughout the day looking at the Clouds and seeing the on going changes.  We saw Brother Sister Wind make great dust storms, tried to catch fast moving Lizards and came across A LOT of healthy and fresh Spring Poison Oak!
It was wonderful to have Juliette back from her trip!

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