Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. March 19, 2013

Waxing Half Moon
Day 49

Giselle was absent today.
It  was a gloriously beautiful day. No rains came yet there was cool air and gray/ blue skies that turned to clear blue and very, very warm by days end.  It was important to come to this place today as last week I was told that WATER had come finally to Pichetti pond.  And with that the tadpoles, tadpole eggs, california Newt eggs, california newts and frogs were there dancing all around so, off we went!
When we got there we had a grand snack, story and songs and then off we went. And oh yes, new jobs for the week.  Aoife was Guardian of Directions along with Alice yet Aoife took the lead and guided us to our destination.  We never did see the Peacock today though yet we heard the rooster in the hen house when we got there and made our way past the bathrooms, the creek, the young and budding Poison Oak all around us, down one side of the  trail and , there it was, the pond!!!  Our familiar structure was there and we set up camp near it.
The search began for some of us looking for those Newts and egg sacs and the like.  Jill wins the prize for finding so many. She scouted about and found so much for us to view.  The children ate their lunch right away when I said, “If you eat your lunch you can use your empty containers to catch the tadpoles.”  Whoosh, down went the lunch and, with empty containers at hand, tadpoles were caught and released, caught and released.  We found some egg sacs with tadpoles just coming out and I found two belly up dead lizards in the water.  There was a lot of thought about how they ended up that way.  Any thoughts yourself?
Taz and Kaden enjoyed the structure and were less interested in all the animal life but Taz transformed into all manner of animals for the day.   There was a hair dressing moment where I put their hair up in fabulous horns, ears, and things of that  nature.  Audrey has started this phenomenon and I continued it on this day.  They became the part of their animal with hair do to support and off the day continued.
We found gals to play baseball with and I think Evan and Jill are quite a team!!!   Paul hit quite a few along with Miu.
The children wound up climbing the big fallen down tree and, at different times, Evan and Miu became stuck kittens at the top meowing for help to get down.
Miu , Emme and Alice went on a grand and magickal adventure in the woods and Jill joined them for more fantastical adventures while I stayed with the rest and explored and played in our area.  I began to make bows because Paul really wanted one but the wood there was just too stiff. No matter, He REALLY wanted one so I made one.  Then Taz REALLY wanted one but there really wasnt enough time and he was VERY, VERY sad about this.  I assured him that we would go to Martins creek on Thursday to make some wonderful Redwood Bows that I know work very well.
It was another wonder filled and magickal day at Pichetti pond with so much joy that the waters had come and the pond life is alive and well.  We will have to visit much more often now in order to see the frogs emerge from their tadpole state.
And oh yes, some people came by and showed a few of them where they could see the California Newts bobbing up and down and eating.  Then, we all got to see them.  They stand erect in the water and go up and down to do, what looks like, eating.
The Ducks were swimming all about as well.
One of my favorite moments was when Emme was sitting on my lap and she became fully engrossed in the joy of watching the ducks. She was delighted with how the water flew off of their backs and how they bobbed in and out of the water.

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