Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. Jan. 28, 2014 Day 37

Waning Moon
Huddart Park

All were here today and we were blessed with our visitor Katie Hicks. She brought her songs, her deep connection to the natural world and her love for children.  They all gravitated to her.  In the bus she started a game with them which was somewhat startling yet enjoyable for them. Cole, I believe, is a bit uncomfortable however with the changes that are occuring: new person last week with a Mom , New person, now another new person.  He and Zac started the day with vigor that latter, with some one to one, aided them in finding their peace and ease. Zac in particular went off with Jill to sit and have lunch together. He came back and shared with everyone that he saw a “Fairy!!”  It sounded like a speciall kind of fly yet he was focusing on the magical sparkly quality of this fairy like being.  It was a delight to see his joy.  Cole and I went off on an adventure to find acorns and caps under an Oak tree.
During our circle time we heard a bird that non of us could figure out what it was.  After circle all but Cole and I, went to see if they could find some clues to what or who it was that made this large sound. It sounded like a large bird and we never figured it out.
Things that took place during the day:
•Working more on rattles by way of finding the right handle, cutting and whittling them down to size and finding pebbles and things to put inside that will sound the way they want their rain to sound.
• Listening to the many bird sounds around us and trying to figure out where they are and who they are via field guides and observations
• Finding an INCREDIBLE kill site of a, what was finally figured out to be, a Varied Thrush.
• Building on an existing debri hut
• Climbing into wonderful Redwood hidey holes and spaces
• Singing some new songs and, Zac and Ridham mainly, making instruments from what was in front of us.
On the way back in the bus they all got engrossed in our Golden Guide books that they like to spend time with and Juliette really wanted to play I Spy with My Little Eye game like they did in the bus last Thursday.
It was a full and beautiful day. A lot of the end of the day thank you’s were about the Bird site that we found. The colors on the wings were extraodinary and all that we found there was remarkable.  Truly, truly wonderful

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