Palo Alto Tender Tracks Tues. Jan. 21, 2014 Day 35

Waning Gibbous Moon
Foothill Park: Slippey Sliddey

Our new friend Finn joined us today with his Mom and baby sister and Julian’s Mom and baby sister joined us for a bit too.  What fun was that!!!!  Finn had a grand time by our observations and his mothers too so, WELCOME FINN!
We took a long time in the bus giving out stuffies and being very silly.  There was a bit of high energy by some. I think having a new person was an aspect of that.   Once we got on our way there were some games played in the bus by Jill’s lead and then, we made it to the park.  I felt that they had been sitting for quite a while so it would be good to stretch their legs before sitting for circle.  I took some to the bathroom and then the others had some grand running games with Jill.  In circle they were there with Mom’s, baby sisters and the rest of us. They wanted the same story, instigated by Zac, from last week and so it came. This was good because Finn was able to hear it all. We sang our songs, counted on our counting stick, checked the wind,not much, ate our snack and off we went to play.
They really liked where we were so there was: chopping of trees, hide and go seek, girls playing with Jill and chasing her all around ( we don’t really need to go on a treadmill, we just get to work at Tender Tracks!)
and then burying me under lots of leaves.  But oh yes, during Hide and Go Seek, they REALLY hid. Deep under the bridge they went with all these leaves and darkness!!! It was grand.
We made our way to slippey sliddey and leisurely ate lunch, slid up and down and up and down and up and down the slippey sliddey. The children found Buckeyes and I made some into toys and then, there was a grand grouping of finding LOADS of them.  Juliet came back with a very heavy backpack. When I checked it out it was FILLED to the brim with Buckeyes. She wondered how she was going to put her lunch box in there. I asked her what she was going to use them for and that we only take what we are truly going to use and leave the rest for the Earth and all the beings that need them.  Then Jill suggested taking as many as you are old. A counting out took place.  I laughed as they  included small ones for being 4 and a half!  There was target practice at a knot hole in the tree and Zara led the way earlier by climbing across a big tree trunk high above us. Finn had no problem with that and followed her doing this as well.  Cole and Julian had their hand at that as well.
Serena and Zara had such a good time playing and laughing today.  Eden said that she was ” A bit stressed out today” because she had to be with her baby sister too much.  Ridham didn’t want to see his Mom go but let go quickly and then was filled with all of his very grand and elaborate games and stories.  Julian really loved having his Mom and sister there today.  Cole was filled with, what my Mother used to call , forgive the language here, “Piss and vinegar” as well as lot’s of play. He fell fast asleep  again on the way home!
Zac found a very large stick that looked either like large antlers or a very large dousing rod.  He stuck it in his shirt and pretended he was a Deer for most of the day.
Finn’s Mom left a little after lunch to get his sister to sleep and he was just fine with her going.
The day was very warm but we sang some rain songs.  We are hoping the sky world will hear our songs and be inspired to create some water for our very thirsty and dry Earth.

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