Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday Sept. 19, 2013

Day 6
Full Moon
Wunderlich Park

Another wonder filled day!  Today I wanted us to collect firewood for making a fire to cook over next week.  Another story that would continue on with what the theme was on Tuesday was planned but alas, working with Earth and Sky all of life steered us in a different direction by way of Cole.  He shared a story about some upsets his Mom had.  Very beautifully phrased from a little one.  It was the PERFECT intro into another story that was PERFECT for the task at hand.  I just LOVE the way Nature works everything out!  So, the story needed to change in order to support the intention that was  laid out for the day. I was willing to comply and thankful to Cole’s family for compelling us into deeper connection to love and life!  And they didn’t even know it!!
Zara and Eden began the day playing with Jill at the laying down tree and because of that they were the last to get in the bus. That meant that they did not have seats next to each other. OH NO!!!!  Zara was a bit troubled by that but Eden accepted this with ease. With hugs and love Zara found comfort in another seat next to Ridham and Julian.   It took us a while to leave because Jill and I were, very light heartedly, trying to figure out who got the most desired stuffy, Frog/tadepole.  Most of the children just patiently waited with the funniest looks on their faces.  We finally got it squared away with much gratitude towards their patience and then it seemed that we were ready to go and from there,  many laughs and fun were  had  as we drove to our destination
When we got to Wunderlich they all got out and we eased our way into circle by way of bathroom time, finding walnuts, Bay nuts, horses and the like.  I have cut out a few songs down to the ones that they resonate most with.
They were all ready for snack and today really was a day to give thanks to Cole. Because of him I used Honey  for the Limeade because he wondered on Tuesday why it was  not so sweet. He suggested that I put LOT’S of sugar in it next time.   WEll, instead of sugar I did use fresh and wonderful honey. So, we gave thanks to Cole and to the Bees. However, it still wasn’t sweet enough for his dancing tastebuds. Ah well, the entire bottle however, WAS consumed!   And then, the story.
The story is about a Woodcutter and His wife and how they were given three wishes.  I am afraid my attempts to post it has, at present failed therefore, please go to the library and find the book called “The Three Wishes.”  I of course altered it a bit to meet our needs but it is close enough.   Ask your children though about it and see what they remember.  The story gave us a great invitation to gather dead wood at the bottom of  trees and become grand Caretakers of the Forest. When fires come through there will be less to eat up by the fire people and the Forest will do much better!  And off Cole went to gather wood. Though the other children did gather and had fun Cole took it to heart deeply and went at it.  He even wound up sawing with my travel saw with Jill.
Everyone of them were in great spirits so walking was filled with fun and observations of the horses, their  tracks, the Bay nut babies on the ground, the walnuts gathered and the tickling plants along the way.  We found the “Refrigerator Forest”/ the place where the air gets much cooler and then finally our wonderful place of play.  It was a playground of climbing logs, spots for hammering the walnuts and a great Redwood Tree Nest to duck and hide in, eat and play in.
Serena instantly found glittering delights left on the ground from, what looked like a past party.  Julian, Juliet, and Zac joined her and they were all huddled for quite some time finding these glittering delights.  Zara and Eden were in heaven in the Redwood Tree. Cole, Liam and later Zac were working on hammering these very hard Walnuts open and Ridham watched with intrigue while he ate.  These groups all continued to shift regularly throughout the day. By the end of the day Zara and Eden were playing Monster with Jill and the rest of us were down in the dry creek bed.  Ridham discovered how strong he was with pulling off bark from a dead tree and finding what small creatures live in there.  Juliet joined him and Serena sat with us.  Liam, Zac, Cole and Julian were in a “Boys Club” right near us and very delighted about this. Earlier this caused some challenges as Juliet REALLY wanted to be with Julian.  Julian let her know that he plays with her all the time and just for now he wanted to just be with the boys.  Throughout the day there were these kinds of opportunities to shift and them come back to playing with who you wanted.  All worked out fine.  There were some cuts and some help with bandages.   I made some nature toys from things Ridham, Serena and I gathered on Tuesday and when I showed them all at the end of the day many said, “Make me one, Make me one!” So, I will!
When I said it was time to go that did not go over well as, is often the case, by that time they are really settled in and resting in the comfort and joy of Earth and Sky. But alas, we needed to pack up and make our way back so, we did.
On the bus ride home Jill made up a story that they all liked and wanted “Again!”

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